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  1. Crew- I have a SBEII and consider mounting a scope or red dot or similar optic to aid in my turkey hunting. What is your all recomendatoins?
  2. Crew- I would like to have my trigger gone thru and the creep taken out etc. Who are the pros with Benelli? I don't want mine to be someone's first county fair. Tks.
  3. MattyD338

    M 1 vs M 2

    Crew- I am going to purcase a black 20 ga. shotgun. I have a SBEII 12 ga. with comfortech. When I looked at the new M2s the other day one thing I did not care for was the stock seemed to be the same deminsions on the 20 ga as my current 12 ga. especailly on side to side thickness. I was hoping that a 20 ga would be a little more danity than my 12. Am I incorrect?? Secondly, was the M1 offered in synthetic and was the 20 ga stock a little more dainty? Lastly, what is the difference in a 20 ga M1 vs a 20 ga. M2? Thank you.
  4. Late season South Dakota I use 2 3/4 inch Remington Mags in 4 shot in my old Browning A5. In my SBEII I will go to a 3" mag.
  5. I would opt for the M2. I much prefer the recoil operation of the M2. Especially for a hunting gun. I have had both recoil and gas and this is my pick.
  6. I grew up with a 30" Ithaca 37 pump as a hand me down, oh yeah, it was full choke as well. I either missed or destroyed game! As I got older and able to afford my own guns I started with 28", then moved to a 26"-both of these are Berettas. When I bot my SBEII, three of my friends bot 26" and I bot 24". Everybody wishes they have 24". The overall length of the action makes a 24" barreled gun the same overall length as a most 3" chambered guns with a 26". I am toying with the idea of an M2 in 20 gauge and it will have 24". My SBEII is my all around gun, from sporting clays, turkeys, pheasa
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