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  1. Nova, same here especially with the snow they either run like their tails are on fire or bolt and fly inches over the apple trees...
  2. Awesome help guys, much appreciated. The state doesn't plant any pheasant in our neck of the woods, so wild and hinky are all we got. Thanks again, hopefully I will fair well this weekend.
  3. I am using 7 1/2 and can't seem to get the roosters that spook well before I can step on them. I am thinking about going to 4's or 5's? Any thoughts? A little history of where I shoot. Predominatly apple orchards, easy to spot now with snow on the ground. I jumped on yesterday and he spooked about 5 feet in front of me. I had to scramble around and through a set of apple tress and by the time I had my gun up and shot down range he was already 30-40 yards. Very frustrating to say the least. I chased him up a hill to first hide out, to another and one more before I cursed him and wen
  4. Seems to be nice outing, congrats. At least I am not the only one with a dog that does she/he wants to in the field.
  5. LOL Matt, I don't think all the roosters I have shot equal your guys total.
  6. Good job and thanks for reporting on the international hunting scene...
  7. My list is easy... denim blue jeans, thick wool socks, Carhartt flanel shirt, jacket and gloves depending on the weather and a pair of boots... oops, can't forget the blaze orange vest and cap....
  8. I agree, for the price, you certainly can't go wrong. I had a great time shooting with it and look forward to another 6 or so weeks of pheasant/quail hunting. I just picked up a box of the load I was shooting for a steal, Federal Game load 7 1/2, easy shooting...
  9. Spring season is April 15 thru May 31... It definitly is right around the corner...
  10. Didn't go turkey hunting this season, definitely next though. I saw tons of em here in Washington State out in Spokane area this last weekend of deer season...
  11. Well, not too much to report for pheasants, however, did ok for quail with 4. I will definitely need to make time for the range and practice with the new shotgun. We jumped a nice sized rooster and wouldn't you know the the safety works!! laughed for a while with that one... The dog was useless as ever... I need to post a little more to get the photo to work...
  12. Howdy all, My first post in the forums, glad to be here and look forward to posting lots more! Going for pheasant this weekend with a new Stoeger Condor I bought today and am pretty stoked about it!! A new shotgun, a bird dog that don't point, and lots of friends... life isn't any better. Does anyone here have the 26" Condor here?
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