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  1. went for a hunt in the high and rocky mountains over here,with toni and fire{my dogs} climbed up this huge mountain and as l reached the summit the dogs start pointig. the weter was coldish but nice the view stunning,l felt like l was in heaven. get em fire l said. so the action started: one partridge came up and started flying to my left it was about 45 yards and l pold the triger and a good hit the bird went falling down this 500 foot cliff it was a great sight to see. as l hit that one l saw a nother 9 of them go sligetly to my right: so l let the super black eagle2 loose. 3 rapid
  2. thanks for the thougts guys. l went and bougt a slug barrel for my nova and l am going to use it for wild bore insted of my sauer 202. 300. wsm. l ll only use that for lbeks,mountain goat and caribu. thanks again.
  3. ok ok l have to say l didnt take a ruller and mesure it but it was along way a way. which surprized me. but lm going shooting this weekend and l ll film those shots out to many yards and l think youll be surprized too. and you will see that we take em down without a worry from 100 meters. by the way l am a australian living in turkey. so no more making fun of my shooting till you see the film next week ok. l promice you will be amaized:D
  4. when l said l take ducks from 150 meters l wasnt joking. dont belive it but try it out one day. find a duck siting on water start aiming at it as the boat is going towards it and as soon as it flaps its wings to try and take of hit it with 4 shots one after a nother. bang bang bang bang. and see the bullets hit the water. you will hit it. and you will be amaized. it is posible l know.
  5. well novaking took my nova to the range to break some clays yesterday. oh man l never had so much fun l think the nova isnt going any where l like it so much now. that l might eaven get a nother one to make em a matching pare:D
  6. well then benelli should start making someting that shoots 50 bullets:D no joke to one side it is a good gun. and the aim is better than the eagle 2
  7. thanks mate it sound a bit complicated but l think l can figure it out. going partridge hunting now to this mountain here wich has a lot of wild bore as well so hope to sed some pics when l get back and promice l ll shoot a wild bore {big one} for you american boys. thanks again:cool:
  8. just wondering if l can get fotos on this upland page? if l can l ll send u some fotos of the other end of the world.
  9. mate it sounds like you live in a bad spot l wouldnt buy a benelli if l were you come to turkey and l ll sell u a BAZUKA {rpg} that should scare em off:)
  10. yeah your right mate. l think its beter than any other gun that other companys make. its just a very powerfull lookin gun. when hunting with my nova feel like lm goin to war not bird shooting:) and yet again no other gun can match is aim. and its so fast that l dont eaven search for a semi auto while huntig. GREAT GUN. enjoy ya time out there. and just show it to the 870 owners thay will be jealus. its 1000 times beter than the 870. the bloody 870 is so ugly it looks 500 years old. eaven my grandpas gun looks better than the 870:)
  11. hi mates. you must think there is nothing in a country like turkey but i can tell you we have loads of woodcock. the season for them just started today. so l made a coice of taking my super nova. a bit heavy but fun. got out of my car got the dog out and just before l got me gun out of the car my german kutsar {dog very good} starts pointig. so l went; get em fire. fire takes one step in to the bush and there we have it woodcock heaven. l was shooting woodcock like you would shoot partridge in the mountains. thay were flushin one after a nother. 10 minutes of hunting and 7 woodc
  12. l have a super black eagle 2 and a super nova. just give me a good reason to not sell my super nova? exept its looks. why should l take it duck shooting insted of my super black eagle 2?
  13. got this super nova and it really looks great. l dont take it duck hunting cause l have a super black eagle2 for that. dont take it quail and woodcock sooting cause its a bit too slow and heavy for that. so my question is if you were going sooting for quaill, partridge or woodcock what benelli would you take? by the way these kind of sooting is done from close range. l am thinking super sport. would l do a wrong thing by traiding my super nova for a diferent benelli? and just tell me why l should take it waterfowling insted of my super black eagle 2?
  14. its got a fantastic aim but l just think its a bit to heavy dont you think. lm planig to traid it in for a super sport.
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