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  1. What area of Minnesota are you in? I live in the cities but usually hunt up near my dad's between Fergus Falls and Alexandria. I actually haven't hunted waterfowl but would like to get into it. The lake my dad lives on has no public access so I don't think anyone hunts it much. He would let you on and if I'm free I'd be happy to go with you. He and I plan to hunt it this fall. In general though that area would be a good place to go - tons of public land and less people. Do you ever hunt pheasant? That's really my passion - a lot of the WMAs have a lot of great pheasant land too. Welc
  2. Hey Traps, When you load shells it will stay up. When it is empty and you push it up it will stay up until you slide the fore-end back, then it will drop back down. I had the same question when I bought mine because my Remington would drop back down. Paul
  3. It is a tad heavy, but not really worse than any other 12ga I've carried. For a "do it all" shotgun I think it's fantastic. Paul
  4. I completely agree. Not that you're a pinko, that Benelli's look sweet. And I still use my Wingmaster when I can but since it has a fixed choke (full) and MN public lands are requiring non-toxic shot I decided it would be a good reason to buy a Benelli!
  5. I'm not sure why I would expect anything less but I carried my Super Nova for a few hours yesterday pheasant hunting and it was amazing. I was maybe most impressed at my luck flushing 5 roosters (only 2 in range) without a dog. The first one I was so shocked that I just flat out missed, the other I dropped with one shot. My Benelli was extremely easy to carry and very smooth handling. I've always been a Remington man and an 870 Wingmaster is tough to beat, but the Super Nova is a great contender. Happy Hunting, Paul
  6. I haven't found everything I would like at Sportsmans Warehouse but they have more than anywhere else I have gone. I get the impression from some things I've seen at Sportsmans that they could order it in special if you asked them real nice. That is actually my favorite store. Paul
  7. I loaded with 3" #4 Black Cloud this morning for some pheasant hunting (MN Public Land). It wasn't much of a field test - I missed one bird that was really not in range. I knocked some feathers off with one shot but he kept flying and I couldn't track him down. The next rooster I flushed I dropped with one shot but he was pretty close so I think any shell would have done the job. I guess I was pleased; it did the job just as I had expected. I'm not sure it was any better or worse than cheaper or more expensive shells. One thing I was impressed with, this was the first time I've done any
  8. I can tell you that having your gun loaded with them doesn't help you find birds any better than any other shot shell. As soon as I get a few shots off at a bird I'll let you know!
  9. I want to thank all of you guys for chiming in with words of wisdom. All of the advice has helped me understand my gun better. In further experimentation I have determined that the amount of force applied is somewhat proportional to the likelihood the shell will eject properly. While I still think it would be great if the shell ejected as I think it should every time, that seems to not be the way it functions. The fact that several people have not been surprised by what I have described leads me to believe that this is not an uncommon condition and perhaps even the way it is designed to fu
  10. Hi Andy, Thanks for the reply and the detailed photos. I had a chance to fire off a few rounds yesterday and had no problems with jamming, which was good. So since that had worked I tried to load and unload some live rounds, and instantly had the same problem. Only about 1 in 4 times did the shell eject, the other times it dropped back onto the carrier support. I cannot imagine that this is the proper way for it to function. I could see the potential for someone not paying attention to how many shells ejected and leave the gun loaded when they thought it was unloaded. Maybe that is how
  11. Hi all, I have a fairly new Super Nova that isn't ejecting shells. The story is I put a few rounds through it mostly to make sure everything worked - it seemed fine. I took it apart to clean it good and cycled a few rounds through without firing just to make sure I assembled it correctly and didn't miss anything. It loaded shells perfectly but when I went to unload it every 3rd shell or so (sometimes more frequently) would not eject but just fall back down and if it was the last shell it would load back into the chamber, or if there were more shells it would jam. I called Customer Se
  12. I don't know all the origins and specifics but when I looked at another "Diamond" auto at Dicks that listed as imported by Benelli it looked an awful lot like a Franchi I-12. I haven't seen the camo model up close. I've been tempted to purchase one but would rather just get the real deal. Earlier in the summer I looked at a Quantum reel that looked a lot like a more expensive reel but was clearly not made as well. After a lot of inspection with one of the employees we determined it was a decent reel but not up to par with the one it was imitating. I would expect that these Diamond guns a
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