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  1. Hey Mudhen, It may have well been me. I've tried (gently I thought) to remove it a couple times. Finally here a week or so back Tucker301 or Hogwild ( Sorry Guys !) linked me to their takedown guide and I got it free and discovered what had been causing the sloppiness. I am gonna guess it was the gunshop as it has been sloppy from the get go. It was a very large shop and no one on duty had any idea how to put it together. In their attempts to assemble it they scratched the receiver and barrel. I finally made them stop. Their responses ranged from "don't you want to see it put together?" to "you don't want to leave this store without someone showing you how assemble it." I stated the obvious and replied "it would appear there is no one here who can show me how to assemble it." I just hope Benelli will fix me up with a new one.
  2. I just figured out why my forestock is sloppy. I knew something wasn't right but I couldn't figure out why. While examining the piece I discovered the forestock cross rib closest to the receiver is cracked through. You can only see the break by flexing or torquing the piece. I wonder what my odds are this is a warranty issue? Canexpat
  3. Compared to my Browning BPS my SBE II is a kitten. Yes I know Brownings have firm buttpads and it's not an auto, but there's no comparison. I can and have shot my Benelli all day, 250 rounds, and gone out again the next day for a couple more boxes, feeling fine; not tender or tense. Now throw a few 3 1/2's down the pipe, and yes they get my attention.
  4. Loose or flexible? I've only got about 1500 rounds through my SBE II and I don't notice any breakdown of the Comfortech(?) system. If you can push 50-60 3 1/2's thru your Nova then why worry about felt recoil?
  5. I Like Sportsman's as well. However I was looking for a store that sold products they could support.
  6. Hey all! Where do you guys like to shop online for Benelli accessories? ie: butt pads, shim sets, barrels, etc? There's a Sportsman's Warehouse near here, however they stock little if anything. Canexpat
  7. The first thing I'd do is get her to follow the bird she misses or hits (pieces) to the ground after the shot. Stay on 'em.
  8. OMG!! My two absolute favorite beers quoted in the SAME thread!! You guys ARE alright. Don't care what yo' momma's say! I'm slurping a Red Hook ESB as I type. Canexpat
  9. I assume you have no pitting. What I've used in past to remove rust on guns I've bought is "Outer's Rust Remover". It's readily available. Get yourself a copper or brass Brillo style pot cleaner, the coily looking things. Walmart will probably have them. It's softer than the gun steel so it won't scratch your finish. Gently rub the Outers over the rusted area to remove the rust. Wipe it off. I have successfully used "Brownell's Dicropan T-4 Touch-Up Liquid Gun Blue". Limit your application to the affected area. I don't use steel wool to rub it in, I just use a rag. It can take many applications in a single area but you'll be very hard pressed to find the damaged area when you're done if it isn't pitted. And yes I've used it on my Benelli for touching up minor scratches with excellent results. It works very well on many bluing finishes. Good Luck! Canexpat
  10. Canexpat

    New to Forum

    Hey Man, Another newbie here. More the merrier. Canexpat
  11. Another scenario I've observed is a reload without powder. Hang the wad etc. Canexpat
  12. dagrizz. I've come to the realization I'm hanging a rubber band on the girl. Damn. Canexpat
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