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  1. I eat it quite often as I live in ND and hunt them a lot throughout the season. They are gamier than chicken but at the same time not very strong unlike sharptail or duck. I fry them like chicken or bread the brest in egg and flour. I sometimes pluck them and put them on a rotiseri (my favorite way). You do not necisarily have to wrap them in anything, just sear them for a couple minuets on each side. Wild game birds including duck should not be cooked through like chicken, they should be left a little rare inside. Most people overcook them and that is why they taste very gamie and dry.
  2. wburns

    Quail in NM

    Does anyone have a suggestion about what part of New Mexico to go hunting for quail? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am planning my upland hunt for next year.
  3. I don't think there is. I have been looking and have come across nothing. There are some gunsmiths however that can stone the trigger and possibly use different springs to get a better trigger pull. I am thinking of doing this.
  4. wburns

    Nova Pump

    I have a nova I bought used. I did not think I would like it much since I like doubles and have never liked pumps due to they did not ever seem to fit well (Owned a Browning BPS, Winchester Model 12, and a Remington 870). However after a season of waterfowl and upland hunting with it in ND I am sold on the Nova pump. They might not be flashy but they handle and pattern great. I was so impressed I decided to modify mine to handle even better. I have installed a new Sims recoil pad (quick mount version), a Callahan magazine tube follower in stainless steel, a heavier magazine spring, and a
  5. Thanks everyone for responding. I will try the limbsaver. I have a recoil reducer in the stock as well as in the magazine tube. I found that adding the reducer in the tube balanced the gun out and made it feel easier to carry since it centered the weight. I probably don't need the limbsaver but I like customizing it as much as I can. Are there any other add ons or tricks to make the nova function better?
  6. Has anyone installed a limbsaver recoil pad on a Nova? I have a recoil reducer installed and I was wondering if it would get in the way of the shim which holds the pad in place? Do the limbsaver pads match up well?
  7. I also use the undertaker choke. I have not used it on turkeys yet but it has been a very good waterfowl choke. I am going to pattern it with some turkey loads this spring.
  8. Is the limbsaver pad attachment device affected by the recoill suppresor which I have mounted in the stock?
  9. Does anyone know if the new comfortech pad fits the older novas with the hard recoil pad?
  10. I just purchased a Benelli Nova. I did not know it at the time but when I broke the gun down for a cleaning I found it had a mercury recoil reducer in the stock. My question is, is there supposed to be a piece of rubber hose in the mercury reducer housing in addition to the metal tube holding the mercury? Also is there a better recoil pad which can be bought in different widths. The one that is on the gun is hard as a rock in addition to being a little long for me? Thanks for any help.
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