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  1. got ya. wish you the best in getting that situations taken care of. Those type of situations are typically most frustrating to deal with. GL
  2. Ready to throw what in the lake? The beretta? I also own a SBE II. I use it all the time and my M2 was just sitting in the closet. I have been seeing/reading so much about the new xtrema II I figured I would try it for myself and see which one i like the best. The Beretta is being shipped as we speak. Did you have one? Not like it? I have heard that the safety placement was unsafe, and I do not like the fact that it did not come with a sling attachment. I have heard that they shoot like a dream though. Report to follow on my opinion after this weekend if anyone is interested...........
  3. this gun has been sold.
  4. anybody ever use the primos "dead zone" chokes? I have heard good things about them. I have also heard mixed things about the patternmaster. I have heard that they are awesome for long shots on late season birds. However, I also heard that you better be DEAD ON if the bird is inside of 30 yards because the pattern is so tight. I know this was stated above, just saying that I have heard the same thing. Hope this helps. Also, do you use the Briley all the time? For doves, skeet.....does it work well Nate?
  5. Guys, I have a M2 in max-4 that i want to trade for a Beretta. I asked for a Benelli for Christmas and ended up with 2. I use my SBE11 all the time, so the M2 just sits in the case. Thanks.
  6. see name! I have a wiem that is bad ass. i would put him up against a lab retrieving any day of week. also, he is a great uplands game dog pointing/flushing. would not have anything else. not to mention the fact that you probably know 35 people with labs. I am not talking bad about labs because i think that they are awesome hunting dogs and companions! when I bought my dog i living with three guys and they all had a lab. I just wanted something a little different. best decision i have ever made!
  7. Colt, I thought the same thing. all the ones that i tried/owned were always to big and uncomfortable. However, the brush-tuff lacrosse one fit me just right and they come in several different sizes (not talkign about boot size). hope this helps.
  8. Very well said my friend, and I totally agree with you. I was the same way a few years ago. I have been to Arkansas several years now and I still feel like a kid on Christmas morning when they lock up and start falling through the trees. I have just seen that more now, and have only been in the blind once when a group of pinnys were working. Guess that is why i say that. Congrats on your first duck season, sounds like it was a good one.
  9. my pleasure. thanks for the help earlier.
  10. I use a face mask most of time. Especially on over cast days. A stocking one on cold days and a mesh "turkey hunting mask" on warmer days.
  11. BK, I think it is just the opposite for me. I hunt in Arkansas as well. I guess that I like to shoot the birds that I do not see all the time. i guess that would have to be pin tails for me. Do not get me wrong I love a great green head hunt! However, there is just a little more excitement in the blind when a "rare" ( to the region you hunt) bird is working. imho.
  12. I have the Lacrosse 1200 brush tuff waders and love them. I hunt in Arkansas as well. On the really cold flooded timber days I wear a pair of water proof overalls under them and I never get cold. I have owned several other brands of waders and these fit the best.
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