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  1. I purchased an Indian Creek choke for my Stoeger and Benelli. I shot it in the Stoeger this weekend and I am very satisfied. It outperformed the factory XFT, Super Max, and Jellyhead chokes. I am very impressed and can't wait to try it in the Nova. Although it didn't like the Hevi-13 #6 loads, it loved the Remington Duplex 4x6s and Remington Nitro #6s. It was the choke brand that took the NWTF award for most pellets in a 3 inch circle from 40 yards. I think it put 45 pellets in there.
  2. I have the same gun you do and the MAD Calls Super Max does a great job with Win HV 3 1/2 #6's.
  3. What is your setup using that ammo? The website made the shells sound awesome. Got any test info with your gun and choke?
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