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  1. krr6581, i never take shots unless i feel confident in doing the job as quick as possible. i am not one that likes to see a runnning wounded bird, or a spinning coyote, or a 1 mile blood trail on a deer. if my gun won't pattern past 40, than i won't shoot past 40.
  2. shot a hevi shot load through the factory turkey shoke in mine today and it was the best pattern i got out of the gun but i think i will still go after market
  3. thanks for the quick response mudhen. what is the benefit of using #6's over #5" or #4's. if i plan on my shots being 30-50yds should i use 4,5,or6?
  4. mudhen, i am new to the forum and new to the semi-auto and made by benelli club. i bought a stoeger m2000 in camo with 26" barrel. it is alot nicer than the mossberg 500 i have been turkey huntin with for the last few seasons. have you used the jelly head in the stoeger? also how are the winchester 3" #5 high velocities? what is the best load/choke combo you have found in the stoeger if any? i patterned mine with the factory turkey choke and some win. #4 high vel. at 40 yds. one pellet in kill zone. then i shot some 3" remington nitro #4 and had 8 in the kill zone at 40 yds. i want something that will lay the birds down and have no idea where to start. i shot the hs strut undertaker with my moss. and had no problems with the winchester's this factory choke aint goin to the woods so what should i buy? thanks, jle
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