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  1. Any of you m2000 owners using the cantilever slug barrel? I've got one ordered along with the pistolgrip stock to make my m2000 my slug gun. Any of you tried the pistolgrip/cantilever combo? Any thoughts?
  2. Anyone have an original sbe1 rifled slug barrel in the camo, or even black/blued, they want rid of?
  3. Anyone bought one of the new Stoegers with the steadygrip option? I have an m2000 in HD and would like to get a steadygrip stock for it to make it my turkey gun. Anyone know where to get just the steadygrip stock online? I'd like to get another m2000 in APG or MAX-4 for my waterfowling. Anyone got an m2000 in the new APG? If so, how do you like the camo?
  4. let me try that again. i've shot numerous turkeys with my stoeger 2000 using hevishot. i use an h.s. strut aftermarket choke and get awesome results (and their chokes are very inexpensive to try out--around $20). i've also shot a ton of waterfowl with steel shot through the factory modified tube with never a problem and very good patterns.
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