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  1. Thanks for the info. I was just wondering if it is still as good as I remembered it. When I was Stationed at GFAFB I Loved duck and Goose hunting.
  2. Anyone hunt around or near Grand Forks or over by Devils Lake ?
  3. Whatever size you Think you need.... get twice that size. It will fill up. Check out Champion safes.
  4. I think the only true way your type of test would work is if the person doing the shooting was blindfolded and had no idea what he was shooting. Plus I think you would have to do it over several days.The first 3 1/2 is not going to "feel" like the seventh.
  5. My thoughts exactly. This should put the "harder" recoil problem to bed.... but I doubt it.
  6. I thought this was interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCj0PCGGxtA gets into recoil about 3/4 way through the video.
  7. [. I had to get the ice unthawed enough to get the bolt to move ) If you "unthaw" something, did you not freeze it ? If you thaw a steak it becomes un-frozen
  8. I can't give you a clear cut answer but... the AAA wood should be just about the most beautiful stock that you have ever seen. I have a Montefeltro with AA and it is gorgeus. I hope this helps ...some at least.
  9. They will cycle just fine in my SBE II. The only rounds i've tried that do NOT is the Winchester low noise low recoil.
  10. I think it was staged. STUPID ...but staged
  11. I have had ranchers try to chase my hunting partner and I off of BLM land when I was stationed in South Dakota. This happened several times.
  12. + 1 (IMHO) I think the full choke that came with my SBE II is just fine.
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