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  1. When I try, I get a popup screen saying I've attached my "maximum of 1" already. But I've never attached or posted a photo here before. Help, Please.
  2. yes, I can see that the actual bolt is closed. But was worried about any "blow back" with that "cover" not closing totally. I believe you guys and am less worried now. But Again....HOW do I post my photo of it here, Please??
  3. I just took a digital photo of it, but can't post it here...when I try, a popup screens says I've already uploaded a "maximum of 1" photo (??What does that mean??..I never remember uploading Any photos to this message board!) Help please on uploading my .jpeg photo, please Why does the cover Not close All the way???
  4. My .12 gauge M3 Super90, semi-auto and pump shotgun came disassembled with barrel separated from the stock, for smaller shipping length. BUT after following the manual about assembly, the ejection/breach cover never closes completely as with other shotguns I have. It has "spooked me out" so much to see the 1/2" exposed breach...that I can't believe it is safe to shoot! And haven't used it for the 2 months I've had it, because of that. Is that normal for Benelli M3 Super90s.., please?? (or do I need to lube it better and try again!?) Merry Christmas, Y'all from Texas __________________ If you can read this,...Thank a TEACHER, And since you are reading this in English...Thank a SOLDIER.
  5. Thanks Guys, I checked all those sources. Ebay had nothing....the other 2 looked good but found one at 1/3 the price on Amazon. com: http://www.amazon.com/Plano-Protector-Double-Gun-Case/dp/B000P431BG/ref=sr_1_1/187-9895798-7544617?ie=UTF8&s=sporting-goods&qid=1228148681&sr=1-1 That locks and can hold my pistol gripped M3 Super 90, plus another rifle (or at least some of my pistols too) very securly. Thanks, dS
  6. I guess Benelli doesn't make a hard case for their M3 pistol gripped Super 90?...or do they? Does Anybody sell them, please? dS
  7. Benelli doesn't even show M3 Super 90's (or Convertables)in their inventory, let alone have a downloadable manual for one. The manual in the shipment I just received is very sketchy, with no drawings/illustrations or detailed instruction on operation, and such. The one they let you download for an M4 is full of those great easy to understand illustrations. Can any Benelli M3 Super 90 owners help me find one, please? dS
  8. I don't even see them listed on their product website. Was it a "flawed design"? (hopefully not....I just had one shipped to my FFL today) ??? dS
  9. SOCOMguy, Is there anything comparable for my M3 convertible, Please?
  10. Are there any websites to get an English version of the manual for Benelli M3 convertible (model# 11606) shotgun? All I've found are in Italian...and me not speakoli Italianiano...Ha! Help please?
  11. Is there any way, or extra equipment to extend, or modify a Benelli M3 convertible #11606 shotgun for more than the standard 5+1 capacity? I'd like to have 6+1....is that possible somehow? thanks, dS
  12. Thanks HOGWILD, Do they have any English (non-Italian) manuals there? And one for the M3 convertible specifically? (is there any way to modify and extend it's shell holding capacity??) dS
  13. Thanks cody6.0, (5+1) I've looked all over the Benelli sites and can download all manuals....except the "M3 convertible" I'll be getting soon. In fact I don't even find an M3 convertible listed on their website. Did Benelli quit making them because of "problems"? Is there one out there that I can read before my convertible arrives, please? dS
  14. Thanks Duggan, BTW....do you by chance know the answer to my question about how many shells (say 2 3/4") my new M3 will hold (in the "standard mag." posted by it's seller, friend?
  15. This will be my 1st shotgun in many many years. And my 1st ever for home self-defence...what is the best shot weight, shell length and brand for my coming M3 convertible Model 11606, please? dS
  16. I just odered A Model# 11606 from an online auction...but nobody will tell me how many shells it holds...and it was just listed as having the "standard mag. capacity". Do the shells load into a magazine?? Can anyone tell me, please? (I'm getting conflicting info on Google searches anywhere from 4+1 to 7 !) dS
  17. I have a 40 cal.Stoeger 8000 Cougar that has no rails for accessories(I don't care for rail mounded accessories anyway...except maybe a flashlight). But I'm looking for another type of laser for it...grip type or internal. Does ANYBODY sell them, please for my 40 cal model?
  18. beside the crummy trigger mount, are there any grip or internal lasers that fit my Stoeger 8000 Cougar? I've looked and looked and found none. Help, please?
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