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  1. Looking to stock up on some cheap 00 buckshot (non low-recoil). I just ordered a new M4 and was wondering if other M4 owners could chime in if the following has cycled/worked properly in their guns: http://www.ammunitiontogo.com/catalog1/product_info.php/pName/250rds-12-gauge-rio-royal-2-34-9-pellet-full-power-oo-buck/cName/12-gauge-buckshot http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/links/link.jsp;jsessionid=RLXPZAQUM2YWZLAQBBKCCO3MCAEFKIWE?id=0037455216106a&type=product&cmCat=froogle&cm_ven=data_feed&cm_cat=froogle&cm_pla=0350202&cm_ite=0037455216106a&_requestid=93071 If anyone else knows of a cheap 00 deal I would also be interested.
  2. Where are you guys finding the full power Federal Tactical with Flitecontrol online? I did a google search and can only find them on ammoman.com, but they are so backordered they aren't accepting any news orders.
  3. I ended up finding an M4 in Florida so I ordered it. I will probably still get an M2 Tactical with Comfortech sometime next year before semiautos are banned.
  4. I was looking to buy another semiauto shottie in case they get banned by the Obammunists. This one would be strictly for self defense so I wouldn't really need to use light loads. I am looking at the Benelli M4 or M2 Tactical because I don't have a Benelli yet and have heard great things about them. Here are the advantages I see for each one after researching: M2 Tactical About a pound lighter (6.75 lbs vs 7.75 lbs) Greater capacity (5+1 vs 4+1) Cheaper by at least $400 (some places $600) Comfortech stock option Inertia operated system can stay cleaner and easier to field strip M4 More reliable if you add accessories like lights Gas operated system can shoot lighter loads Marines use it (possibly more rugged?) Less recoil (although I'm not sure if you get the M2 with Comfortech) Looks better It seems like the M4 in black is a hot item and sold out at most places. Also the prices at gunbroker and some shops have gone from about $1550 to over $1800 now. Meanwhile the M2 Tactical can be found everywhere and the one I want is about $1150 (Comfortech stock and non-ghost ring sites). Am I missing something here? It seems like the M2 holds it's own with it being lighter, cheaper and holding an extra round. Many say the inertia system is cleaner and easier to field strip too. Is the big price premium for the M4 because the Marines use it?
  5. Since there seems to be no difference in pattern or accuracy, I think I'm going to get a 28". I was looking at the specs and the SS 28" has an overall length that is the same or longer than most 32" Over/Unders.
  6. I'm set on buying a 12 gauge SS but not sure what length to purchase. I just started shooting trap but also want to get into skeet and sporting clays. I will also use it to hunt birds and wild boar. It seems people like 30"+ for trap and SC but they usually use over/unders. The SS is already longer, so would the 28" be sufficient? Is the 30" actually more accurate than the 28" for longer distances, or do people just get the longer barrel for increased length and weight? If there's no difference in accuracy I'm thinking I should just get the 28" to keep the overall length more manageable. One other thing, I plan to also buy a Browning Cynergy Field over/under eventually and the longest barrel length it comes in is 28". Because I'll be getting that in 28", should I get the SS in 30" to differentiate my guns more?
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