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  1. Yeah, I called Benelli today and they said it only comes with one. It used to come with 3 like 4 years ago.
  2. I was referring to the dealer's advice. I don't know if the M4 suffers from the "Benelli click" like the inertia models. I may have been exaggerating, if you are just hunting or clay shooting, slowly riding the bolt closed and causing the click won't kill ya. If you did this during a home invasion that might be a different story.
  3. Err, I think this advice could kill you! Check this thread: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16907&highlight=click It appears the most reliable way to make a Benelli unreliable is to NOT slam it home! That would suck if rounds would fire by slamming it home, then there would be no real good option for us Benelli owners to chamber rounds!
  4. They're the stock ghost ring sites. From the factory they seemed to sight in at a 6 O'Clock hold at 100 yards with the ammo I was using. I changed the elevation on the sights for a Point of Aim cause I prefer that better. The slugs were 2.75" Winchester X. The silhouettes looked like the same 8 inchers. I was the only one with a shottie shooting at them, everyone else had a rifle. I could only hit it once in an entire mag with my Sig 220ST (.45) while also benching. With the M4 I could probably hit it about 80-90% of the time. I think after 100 yards, the next metal targets are at 200 yards at this range. Think 3" slugs or a different brand would be more consistent? I just noticed that I believe the Federal Tactical slugs only come in low recoil, so I don't know if that will work with a semiauto.
  5. The gas pistons had residue in them for sure after the day at the range, but I wouldn't say gummed up. And I hear that the M4 is pretty clean running compared to other gas semiautos. Don't know if it can run as long as the inertia based Benellis without cleaning though. Would be an interesting test for someone to do.
  6. This place in Florida is the only place I could find it: http://www.shootersjax.com/benellim412guagetacticalshotgun.aspx $1599, yeah, ouch. I called a couple dozen places here in California and no one had it nor knew when they would be getting new ones in.
  7. Took the new M4 to an outdoor range today. I'm pleased to report it cycled a variety of shells without a hiccup. Probably went through about 70 rounds. With Federal Tactical 00 with FLITECONTROL, I could easily hit 8" metal silhouettes offhand at 50 yards and sometimes 75 yards. Seemed like it spread out too much or lost too much oomph at 100 yards, I couldn't hear it hitting at that range and could see the pellets hitting the dirt around it. The Federal 00's are known for having the tightest groupings but they are slightly longer than other 2.75" shells. I can only fit 4 in the magazine tube. I will try some Hornady's as they are shorter and reportedly fit 5 in the tube for 5+1+1. Oh yeah, I also tried some 3" 00 and could noticeably feel the difference in recoil. I bench rested it for 100 yards with some Winchester Super X Hollow Point Rifled Slugs and could hit the metal silhouette almost every time. Not bad for no optics and the first time for me shooting slugs. I'll try it with some Federal Tactical slugs when I get my hands on some. The gun is very easy to break down and clean for a semiauto shottie. Much easier than my Dad's Remington 1100. Overall I'm very pleased even though I spent a fortune for this thing. I figured it being semiauto and having a pistol grip would make it a future target for the Obammunists. It's my new go-to-gun for home defense. Here's some pics:
  8. Could you link exactly where you found on the website that it only comes with one? I can't seem to find it.
  9. Is the M2 easier to disassemble and reassemble compared to the M4? Does it shoot cleaner?
  10. Hmm, I got a choke wrench at least. You should probably call them for a wrench, I think it's good to take it out of the barrel and clean it and the barrel without it sometimes.
  11. According to this link, the Hornady's are shorter. I think I will try some of these. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16155&highlight=hornady
  12. Yeah, I will try that, I called too late on Friday, they were closed already.
  13. I like the looks of the Super Sport more too. I would say just get that if you need a gun for clays/hunting also. Yeah, the barrel is long for self defense, but it's probably unlikely you'll ever use it for that and if you do you'll just make do with a longer barrel. Most tactical/self defense only shotguns just sit in a safe or closet their whole life. Later, when you have more money, you can buy an M2 or M4 for self defense.
  14. Hmm, okay, I've read other threads on the Internet saying it should come with 3. Maybe they changed that recently.
  15. I know what 3-Gun is, but what would make one shotgun better for 3-Gun but not for self defense or vice-versa? Only thing I can think of is maybe if you want to put a light on the M4 for self defense?
  16. I just bought a new M4. I want to keep it fully loaded (4+1+1) for self defense. However, when I want to show my friends it or go to the range, I obviously have to unload it first. Is it bad for a shotshell to keep being chambered? The last round that I chamber, I am slowly letting the bolt close on it. I ask this cause I've heard that it's bad to keep rechambering the same handgun round.
  17. I just got a new M4 and was playing around with it. I found out that with my birdshot shells, I can hold 5 in the tube. But the new Federal Tactical 00 I bought only hold 4. Are all 00 shells longer than birdshot shells? If there aren't any 2 3/4" 00 that can hold 5, should I just load four 3" 00 shells? If the 2 3/4" and 3" are the same capacity in the M4, shouldn't I get the extra power and pellets of the 3 incher? Sorry if these are newbie questions.
  18. Just got a new M4 and it only came with one choke. I've read in other threads that some come with 3 chokes and if you only have one you can call them to send the other 2. Is this still true, are new Benellis M4's supposed to come with 3 chokes?
  19. Just got mine in from ammoman.com today. Weird, they never sent me any e-mail after I ordered it. Didn't realize how heavy 200 rounds of buckshot was!
  20. Yeah, the Federal Tactical with FLITECONTROL seems to be universally agreed on all the forums on the Internet to be the best tactical load. At least if you want tight groups that you can hit targets with at long ranges.
  21. I played it safe and got the full power to make sure it would cycle in my semiauto. Didn't want to buy 250 rounds of stuff that wasn't reliable.
  22. Yeah, I ordered some of the full power last week. They charged my card but I have yet to receive any email saying if it shipped or anything yet.
  23. Getting a Benelli M4 and was looking for light options. I would actually like something that would work on the M4 and my AR-15's. I've been looking at the Surefire Classic Universal System WeaponLight 660 and Mesa Tactical Barrel or Magazine Clamps shown here: http://www.surefire.com/660-Classic http://www.mesatactical.com/index.php?id=58 Anyone ever use these on an M4? The second option would allow me to use any standard picatinny light. I'm aware of the Surefire M80 but it's a bit pricey and changes to nice look of the M4 too much for me.
  24. I can't find the Federal on ammunitiontogo.com anymore, must be sold out. I could only find it on ammoman.com but it looks like they are so busy they aren't taking orders now.
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