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  1. They are available now. Run a search on google. I just saw one place were they are on sale. $215.00 ship today. Surefire has them for sale on their site, but still no picture, wonder why
  2. Are there any markings on the Benelli M4 +2 Mag. extension. NoDak Spud has a model (out of stock) that looks the same and I think it is being sold on e-bay as a used factory original.
  3. Are there any markings on the Factory extension tube for the M4. Nodak Spud sold out of there steel models. You can not tell any difference by looking. I though I bought a factory one on e-bay but was sent an Alum. model from Nodak. I think the steel ones are being sold as factory.
  4. Are ther any markings on factory M4 extensions. Some aftermarket extensions look the same.
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