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  1. I've been in Alaska for almost 25 years and have tried just about every lube/metal treatment available. I like the Miltech product. It is excellent in dry, dusty and dry cold conditions and does pretty damn well in the our temperate rainforests as well. As with many things in life, it comes down to a matter of personal preference (and I carry a 1oz bottle of miltech in my survival kit). -x
  2. Supernova, While on home defense, my M4 is usually full of 00 or 000 buck (and yes, I use the TAP rounds as well as other "LE" ammo). The Mesa 8-round sidesaddle has 4 nasty slug rounds and 4 flechette rounds at the ready. Over penetration is an issue as I live in a neighborhood with houses all around me -- so the only time I'd go for the slugs would be to stop a car or a bear/moose coming through a window. Happy 4th of July to everyone. FREEDOM! -x p.s. I think Tucker is right on in his assessment of "LE" as a ma
  3. Thanks for posting the shots. I got them a while back (looks like we have the same five) but have been busy on an assignment. As with Mr. Bowman, there is still no date of release/shipping. That said, I like the item and also want to correct my previous posts in which I said the M80 was going to have four rails (was always trying to figure out how they would do that). I'm looking forward to using the M80 (and the US part list continues to grow). -x
  4. topcover

    Ammo Question

    AB, Thanks for the reply and details. You are right on in saying that sometimes you can do everything right and things still go to **** and you have to kill a bear. I have several friends who have had to drop a bruin despite not doing anything to invite an attack. Anyone who thinks they have figured out what a wild animal is thinking simply invites becoming a statistic/meal ala Timothy Treadwell. I've been carrying a couple similar non-lethal loads as you do (fin stabilized rubber baton and bird bombs). I also carry four flare round when out in the wild -- gotta love the utility
  5. topcover

    Ammo Question

    Alaska bear is right about the Black Magic. Sometimes (well, most of the time) I think faster than I type. That said, I do like the Black Magic and it is pretty damn accurate out to 75+ yards. AB: what specialty rounds have you used to scare bear? I ask as I have experimented with some exotics as well and had varying amounts of sucess (depending on the type of bear and the varible nature of the engagement). Have you used any OC rounds? I've been fortunate in the 25 years I've lived in Alaska not to have had to shoot a bear in self-defense (as I follow all the common sense rules -- have h
  6. topcover

    Ammo Question

    Dn, There are some sabot slugs that have fin-like features that impart a spin to round once it leaves the barrell and the sabot peels away (Brenneke Black Magic comes to mind). There are new sabot rounds that will work in both smooth bore and rifled barrels and some fin-stabilized rounds exist (military FRAG-12 and some civilian "exotic" ammo -- but I'm dubious when it comes to the reputation and performance of the latter). Another way to shoot (accurately) sabot slugs from a smooth bore barrel is to use a choke that imparts spin to the round like the Hastings Paradox Sabot Disca
  7. D, I heard that it was snowing up in your neck of the woods. Enjoy. I was out in Nome recently and the pack ice was still attached to the shore in many places. As for who on the Slope is carrying the M4, I know of no one (and I know what you mean about being nervous). I carry mine as a survival tool whenever I can. Krrr, Thanks for the Cmore site recommendation. I have never had an opportunity to use one but I know a couple people who have them on their (Colt) M4s as well as a friend who has one he uses for hunting with a pistol. My question is: how rugged are they?
  8. Actually, my Surefire rep has been in touch with me. As of yesterday (Tuesday 29 May) there is still no picture of the new M80 forend. I was promised again that I will get the image as soon as it is available (and I will post it here ASAP). -x
  9. Civ M4 has it right though I do know of a couple people who have had their M4's tapped so the sling will work. For all that haven't seen it, check out the Benelli site for the three-color desert camo M4. -x
  10. Johnny, It is a milled aluminum replacement for the original forend and is equipped with four Picatinny rails for mounting a vertical grip, tactical light, laser, etc. Drundel, Thanks for the 512 suggestion. I understand your position that the 553 is overkill is some regards. I like the 553 as the viewscreen is bigger, it is NVG compatible and it can operate in lower temps than the 512 (and here in Alaska, that does matter -- especially when I am up on the North Slope in Winter). I am also considering the upgraded 550 AA (552.A65/1) as well.
  11. It is my pleasure to help. I've had some great feedback and assistance from people in this forum and keeping engaged with Surefire is my way to be of some value to my fellow M4 operators. No need for a list. Surefire wants a rough estimate so they can make sure they produce enough M80s to take care of those who have been waiting for the item (between all of us, I suspect Surefire will find a reasonable amount of eventual M80 customers considering how many Marines, Coasties and LE M4/M1014 operators there are). I get the feeling that the quicker I get Surefire a fairly hard number of int
  12. Good Evening, After the M80 forend, my next M4 upgrade is a new HWS/sight. Last week I got a taste of the EOTech 553 and it is a dream. Has anyone got to look through/use an Aimpoint Micro T-1 yet? Without even seeing the T-1, I'm already 97% in favor of the 553. What does everone else think (and my main use for the M4 is CQB with brown/polar/black bears, personal defense and the odd assignment to hotspots)? -x
  13. Howdy All, Checked in with Surefire today (again). The M80 forend for the M4/M1014 is just about ready to become available (still no picture but they said they will get me one as soon as possible). The powers the be at Surefire are only going to produce a small quantity of M80s and they asked me to ask everyone who is interested in purchasing one (besides yours truly). My military and LE friends amount to about 20 operators. Who else wants one (and just because you say you want one by no means you are responsible to buy one)? Speak up and I'll pass the level of interest on to Surefire
  14. Greetings Everybody, Just saw on Gun Broker a skeletonized M4/1014 stock and pistol grip for $1000. All other outlets are saying the stocks are "no longer available." Does anyone have any info on what is going on with the stock/grip? I'm willing to drop 400-500 simoleons (tops). Supply and demand -- you gotta love/hate it. -x
  15. First choice would be for slugs, second choice would be IC. BTW: has anyone ever used the Hastings Paradox Sabot Discarding Choke for the M4? Thanks as usual. -x
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