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  1. Please forgive me for always playing Devil's advocate, but how in the world do you know this? I mean, you say it like it is absolutely 100% true. I've been buying and shooting guns for years. I buy lots of stuff from various manufacturers to accompany my guns, but I have no idea how much time ANY of the companies that made my guns, components for my guns, etc., spent in R&D. I have no idea how detailed their QA/QC is. But you talk about it like you have first-hand knowledge and what you say is absolutely true. Is this another assumption? And get this, I only play Devil's advocate because so many people say things that they act are true yet I'm not sure how they got their information. Uno, you do this constantly. I mean, do you spend time with all these manufacturers and watch over their operations, or are you just guessing?
  2. An awesome post, long, long overdue. Should be copied and pasted into every noob thread. Lot's of good info here. I was going to do this when I had time...glad you made it happen.
  3. h.bowman

    M4 Upgrades

    Actually, we ought to compose a list of all the manufacturers and what it is they make, exactly. Then, when another new guy comes along, we don't get the usual "this is what is on my gun /endthread" nonsense. You know, something that could be copied and pasted each and every time a new guy asks this same question. I don't know, I think it would serve their interests better. I know it would serve me better, I've not heard of half the companies listed above in cleefurds post...
  4. h.bowman

    M4 Upgrades

    Some of those I've not even heard of. Cool. Got some browsing to do tonight with some new stuff to look at...
  5. I have a standard stock. I actually love the Benelli standard pistol grip stock. What I do not love about it is that it is too long. I think 2 inches off the back would make it perfect. I have trained a lot with my M4 and have never found the stock to "get in the way" as you state. That is, aside from the length. And I do believe 2 inches off the back and it would be just as good for home defense, if not better, than the skeletonized stock. I was just very disappointed with the pistol grip overall. I didn't do a tremendous amount of shooting with it so I can't vouch for the quality of cheek weld one can get with it. I have shot extensively with the Knoxx skeletonized stock and there is no way, no way to get a good cheek weld on that gun, and if you come close to obtaining the good cheek weld, the thing beats the crap out of your face. In any event, I really wish I could like skeletonized Benelli stocks. There is no doubt about them looking good and making for easier storage.
  6. A bandolier is nice because if you need to grab and go, you toss the thing around your neck and off you go. 50 rounds at your disposal if you have a bandolier with full capacity around the loop. Plus, you get a proper index of a shell off a bandolier, which is huge...
  7. h.bowman

    M4 Upgrades

    Of course, there is Freedom Fighter Tactical for either a steel or Ti magazine tube, steel or Ti charging handle, WC Wolff springs, etc. And try Dave's Metal Works for Benelli accessories. And Socomguy, if he is still around, makes steel magazine tubes. Indeed, there is more than one outlet for quality Benelli accessories...
  8. h.bowman

    B&T Quadrail

    That quadrail is interesting...do you like holding it? I've not changed out the forend on my M4 and can't imagine enjoying to hold onto rails. I'm quite fond of the Benelli forend, actually. Even if it does absolutely nothing but allow you a comfortable place to grip your gun.
  9. Does anyone even like the Benelli skeletonized stock? I bought one way back in the day and *hated* it. Sold it for what I paid for it so I'm happy. Don't get me wrong, it "looks" cool, but otherwise, I found it to suck, for the most part.
  10. I think the GGG bolt release as an awesome part. Perhaps a tad pricey, but as opposed to what? Who else makes a decent bolt release? Nobody. And I think GGG is better than decent. Seriously. I've had one on my gun for 3 years or so, tons of shooting, no issues whatsoever, and works just as I like it.
  11. h.bowman

    Urbino Stock

    I don't know much about the Limbsaver. Is it worth the extra cash? I don't think the recoil on the M4 is too much to manage, and I find the Benelli pad to be just fine.
  12. I totally dig the GGG button. A tad pricey, but I wouldn't part with mine for $130.
  13. FFt sells a Ti extension. For the price of an original Benelli, sort of makes sense. I've considered it.
  14. I got a magnifying glass out to take a closer look at mine and with that I see a little wear - small marks and such...but no deformities or warping of any lind like that. So mine isn't perfect as it appeared by the naked eye. Looking at mine I'm confident the little markings are cosmetic and would not compromise function.
  15. Very interesting. I've got an FFT knob and I've run about 1500 total rounds through my gun since I installed it. I'm not showing anything like what you have. The surface area around the indentations in my knob are perfect. Weird.
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