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  1. Hey what kind of adhesive are you useing to glue the sheets together?? I was thinking of makeing one for myself and if it works make one for others as well.
  2. I'd get the stoeger 2000 if you not going to use your more pricey gun out in the field. I think the benelli is over priced and as for the nova, Why not get the stoeger P-350. Cheaper and nicer, I have a brother-in-law that has a nova and he kept haveing loading problems when we did some sporting clays. enough problems to make me not want or even think of a benelli now.
  3. I Will Be honest with you, I had bought a used M2000 and I shot it a few times and one shell did not go off. Not knowing much about Stoeger brand I returned and and bought a new one for only 50 bucks more I have not had one problem with it at all. I have shot about 200 rounds through it with no problem. I am going to be useing it for ducks and geese. Looking to toss some 3 in. magnums through it in about 2 weeks! I love it. It swings nice and it fits very nice to me. BUT Do Check out both the Franchi and the stoeger for fit one my feel better then the other! My dad always told me that if it d
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