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  1. Any good gun solvent will do the trick. I have used paint thinner, kerosene, spray brake cleaner with absolutly no issues, dont get this stuff on any wood parts though. I like the spray brake cleaner for the trigger groups, inside the actions, bolts and areas I cant get my toothbrushes into, it dries fairly fast over the rest though.
  2. 5spd

    Doves and Chokes

    IC & M in my SXS.
  3. I have a few bottles of this that my son sent me from Iraq as they use it on their weapons. Militec sends it to them free if you ask. I had 4 cases shipped to his group and he sent me some home. I have applied it to all my guns here and it works very well, follow the instuction when you get it, it will take 2-3 applications though. Its more of a metal conditioner, but when its -30 here when I am out shooting Ive never had a jamb up or frozen action. He has not had any jamb ups on his machine guns since using either.
  4. 5spd

    Best Choke

    Most of my upland hunting is with a modified tube in one side & IC in the other, course I have a sxs and that helps. For clays I use IC in both barrels. If I am hunting pheasants I will use MOD & IM.
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