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    Sorry man, my grandad is dying so i kinda know what your goin through
  2. Do they make M2 cantilevered barrles on the market? Does the SBEII's more open trigger guard really make a difference when you are shooting with a glove? Which gun shoots 3.5 mags best? Has anybody done turkey's with either? Does anybody know which gun has the best grouping with the 24" barrel??
  3. Thanks for the input tucker, That is a great idea about the M2, and yes i have shot a couple of rounds (skeet rounds) with a Supernova with Comfortech technology. **Has anyone ever shot skeet/trap/sporting clays with a M2??? The weight between the SBEII and the M2 are within .1 of a pound at 24" inch barrels but cost nearly $300 more for the SBEII. Is there a reason for that or is it just name/marketing?** How does the M2 swing? Another question; on the SBEII link on the website it suggests that the SBEII can only chamber 3-1/2" rounds although in the reading it suggests that they
  4. Hey, I am getting a Bennelli... injured my shoulder and comfortech is the only "comfort" system that works. I am definetely into trap, skeet and sporting clays and i am in a league. As well i also hunt whitetails, coyote and elk(not often), pheasants (alot) dove, grouse and turkey. I have looked at the magazine and the website and; I can't find a slug barrel for the Cordoba, Can't find a cantilevered slug barrel for SBEII (First Choice) Does anybody have anything that can help influence my decision?
  5. How about a cantilever for the SBEII? do they make them? Can you find them anywhere?
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