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  1. i`ve been wingshooting ducks,geese, phesant,turkey, quail,chukkar, for 25 years with a 28 inch barrel.never had a problem.
  2. I doubt you will see all that much difference in 2 inches of barrel. my 2 cents worth.
  3. I think someone drank a lil too much holiday cheer. don`t get caught shooting ducks with lead shot thats a big no no.
  4. JEFFRO67

    Swapping bolts?

    unless your just clay shooting you better watch it. besides voiding the warranty you might get a big fat ticket or worse lose your gun to the conservation police if you get checked.
  5. i`m interested too let me know when you get a batch finished.
  6. I love the mojo dove it works awesome.
  7. I`ve not had a single problem with any of mine.
  8. wonder why it says supersport on hogwilds link then?
  9. Nice looking cabinet. I have LIBERTY gun safe myself.
  10. many people hunt deer with a smoothe bore barrel i have for years myself shooting foster type slugs. my neighbor did for 38 years and has 3 sweet mounts on his wall a 14 point and 2 12 pointers all with a remington 1100 field grade in smoothbore. i`m a meat hunter myself no trophy bucks on my walls. good luck this season and happy hunting. we both used brenneke slugs you should try them if you haven`t yet.
  11. I don`t think so the franchi and stoger guns are turkish made by vursan i believe. although beretta owns stoeger, franchi, uberti, benelli,Sako,burris, BAM-Stoeger and beretta-benelli Iberica products I don`t think the parts are interchangeable.with exception to a few chokes.
  12. JEFFRO67

    West Nile

    Get some of that new steel shot with deet good skeeter load
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