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  1. i`ve been wingshooting ducks,geese, phesant,turkey, quail,chukkar, for 25 years with a 28 inch barrel.never had a problem.
  2. I doubt you will see all that much difference in 2 inches of barrel. my 2 cents worth.
  3. I think someone drank a lil too much holiday cheer. don`t get caught shooting ducks with lead shot thats a big no no.
  4. JEFFRO67

    Swapping bolts?

    unless your just clay shooting you better watch it. besides voiding the warranty you might get a big fat ticket or worse lose your gun to the conservation police if you get checked.
  5. i`m interested too let me know when you get a batch finished.
  6. I love the mojo dove it works awesome.
  7. I`ve not had a single problem with any of mine.
  8. wonder why it says supersport on hogwilds link then?
  9. Nice looking cabinet. I have LIBERTY gun safe myself.
  10. many people hunt deer with a smoothe bore barrel i have for years myself shooting foster type slugs. my neighbor did for 38 years and has 3 sweet mounts on his wall a 14 point and 2 12 pointers all with a remington 1100 field grade in smoothbore. i`m a meat hunter myself no trophy bucks on my walls. good luck this season and happy hunting. we both used brenneke slugs you should try them if you haven`t yet.
  11. I don`t think so the franchi and stoger guns are turkish made by vursan i believe. although beretta owns stoeger, franchi, uberti, benelli,Sako,burris, BAM-Stoeger and beretta-benelli Iberica products I don`t think the parts are interchangeable.with exception to a few chokes.
  12. JEFFRO67

    West Nile

    Get some of that new steel shot with deet good skeeter load
  13. going rate is whatever someone wants to give you for it. how bad they really want it and are willing to pay. all that benelli stuff is way overpriced to begin with.
  14. ooops the few i saw on gunbroker were the colapsable ones. there is one on there says for the m1or m3 for 100 bucks. not sure it would fit but probably not likely.
  15. check ebay and gunbroker i saw a few on there. your looking at 450 plus. they don`t import them to the U.S. anymore other than law enforcement and millitary i hear.Neat looking stocks but not worth that kind of cash in my opinion. someone will mahe an aftermarket soon i`m sure.
  16. I slug hunt in Illinois then drive a few miles over the state line and rifle hunt in Missouri best of both worlds.
  17. JEFFRO67

    West Nile

    lyme disease is another to watch out for.check yourself for those little nasty ticks.
  18. JEFFRO67

    West Nile

    Several cases in illinois and central illinois too
  19. i ended up getting 3 boxes of remington sportsman high speed steel for 7.99 a box 2 3/4 1 1/8 shot # 6 the place i hunt on state ground requires steel or non toxic shot #6 steel shot or bismuth 7 1/2 or smaller. everywhere else i hunt i use the cheap $3 a box dove & quail lead shot.
  20. anybody know of a affordable steel dove load out there? the cheapest i have found is about $7.00 a box the laws have changed on my state public dove hunting ground and only steel or bismuth shot is allowed. i`m used to shooting them with el-cheapo field and target loads at about 15 bucks per hundred shells.
  21. Where can i find one of these for a M2000?????????
  22. They look even better in the frying pan or on the grill mmmmmmmmmm
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