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  1. I currently have a 28" barrel and would like to buy a 26" barrel or trade my 28" for one. Black finsh. Thanks,
  2. I tried out the Fiocchi and Federal 2/34" in 7 1/2 shot... looks like they all worked out well
  3. it will be pen raisded over dogs... thanks timb!
  4. It's an incredible round....flattest shooting 30-30 round and devastating on game. So far I've taken two deer with it and both were passthroughs and left a nice exit wound.
  5. I will be taking my SBE pheansent hunting for the first time. I want to see what ammo people are using and reccomend. Thanks,
  6. Change of plan this year....I used my 30-30 using the Hornady Leverevolutions and harvested a 4 pointer. Great stuff.
  7. I also have the original SBE. Just the other week I used it for clays and had a great time with it. Fortunately my SBE will cycle the lightest to the heaviest loads with ease. Enjoy.
  8. I'm leaning towards the Remi Premier Copper Solids since they shoot well in my set-up.
  9. always has worked for me.
  10. I've used their slugs before in my smooth-bore. They were by far the best slug combo in my SBE.
  11. I picked up a pair of Field And Stream Swamp Stalker 1000 Hunting Boots in Mossy Oak. They are about 17" high and very warm. They also felt very comfortable after a few miles of walking.
  12. acmf74

    SBE Chokes?

    The flush mount chokes are the ones you are looking for. If you do have have any further questions this company is very helpful and friendly. http://www.choketube.com/benelli.html a.
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