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  1. That was true a year ago. I got one free. That was there spiff to get you to buy one. I sold the stock alone a month ago. Sorry. I had no use for it. It had never been out of the box.
  2. goose2

    SBE II Value

    I sold a black one a year ago that had never been shot for $1100. You should get between $800-$1000 depending on the condition. The condition is always the key, what is good to some I wouldn't give you a dime for it. I guess you get the hint.
  3. I have owned them both and the Vinci hands down is the better of the two, if you don't need 3.5". I have never been that impressed with the 3.5" cases from the get go. My thought on that is if you cant get your birds close enough with your decoy spread and your calling you had better learn how. Once you do that 2 3/4" shells will work. Vinci all the way with no close seconds. Best auto loader ever made.
  4. My favorite 2 hand guns are the 2 I own. Kimber CDP II compact 45 ACP (best hand gun I have ever owned or shot) Ruger MK III 22LR that I have turned into a bulls eye pistol that shoots really really well.
  5. Back to the point. I had one of the first Vinci's out to test. Now that I have had a lot of time behind the wheel of it I will go out on a limb and say it is by far the best Benelli ever maid. They did a heck of a lot of great things when they designed it. I have shot it at everything that flies with not one hick up. The gun fits me perfect. It's well balanced and has no barrel rise at all. The cleaning and maint. is a dream with me being able to completely tare it apart in the field without a tool one. Now to the 3.5" thing. I have owned several SBE and even know they were all 3.5" guns I o
  6. The taste of duck and goose is what has forced many to quite hunting them. I personally hate eating it but love hunting them. I usually give it all away.
  7. Here is how I fixed mine, hopefully your problem is the same as mine. Put some electrical tape on the outside of the barrel ring. You will have to see how many pieces stacked to one another to where the for end piece will fit snug. If you get to many or it is to thick the for end piece will not slip over the ring.This will tighten the for end up to where it isn't so loose. Let me know how it works.
  8. This can be fixed by putting a couple wraps of electrical tape around the barrel ring. Once you do that it will be snug as a bug.
  9. It can be fixed if it is what I think it is. But without pictures it will be hard to tell.
  10. Do your self a huge favor and buy a Vinci. The more I shoot mine the more I like it. Best auto loader ever produced. It has the whole ball of wax in one package other than the 3.5" thing which I never used when I shot my SBE II.
  11. Learn to Shoot 3" all the time at water fowl and all your problems are gone.For what you want to do it is almost border line of being illegal in some states. Don't make hunting more challenging than it has to be.
  12. I own both the SBE II and the Vinci. They are both remarkable guns and I like them both. When I was hearing the talk about how ugly the Vinci was I told myself I just have to have one of them. I used it for dove hunting and what I will say is an ugly gun turned quite beutifull to say the least. I shoot nothing bigger than 3" ever therfore the Vinci is it. I really enjoyed the Vinci and it caughed out everything it was fed with ease. I also shot it with great results. It is one of those guns that just braught a smile to my face. In my eyes the Vinci is the hands down choice "period":D
  13. According to Benelli you will never see the Vinci in a 3.5".
  14. Put a magnetic Hi-Viz sight on the end. They are a little taller than the stock bead. When you line up the center bead with the end bead it will lower your point of impact. Just a trick I learned many years ago. I did not have to do that with mine. It shoots fantastic for me with the beads that come with the gun.
  15. I finally got to give my Vinci a test. You got it, the dove season opener. I have owned and shot many Benelli shotguns and to date the Vinci is the best most complete shotgun Benelli has offered me. I am speech less on how good I shot that thing. It must fit me just wright. It worked flawless with little to no recoil. I used to think the Vinci was an ugly duckling but they way it shoots and handles made me think the looks are spectacular. I know a lot of people think the Vinci is ugly, but before you pass judgment on it please try and put some rounds through it. I am quite sure you will be ama
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