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    Born and raised in Wyoming. I am all about being outdoors.
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    Northwestern Wyoming
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    Fy-fishing, hunting, camping, river rafting, horses, rodeo
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    River Guide

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  1. I have a vinci and i got a carlson blackcloud choke mid range which works great with all loads
  2. I was curious about the ways you all cook your ducks and geese. I have read up on alot of different ways, but I wanted to know what you all found works best for different species. I usually make a good deal of jerkey with mine, its easy and tastes really good. But anyways, whats the best!?
  3. Im at school in south dakota right now, the season is pretty much over here and it was very slow! Im heading back to western wyoming this week to hopefully alot better hunting. I really hope that we get a good push of birds soon cause its been a slow one so far. If not, there are always coyotes and rabbits:)
  4. I think so too. I wonder if they will use the vinci three piece design an other guns in the future? I kinda doubt that this new one will have it though
  5. I have the vinci and also the carlson blackcloud choke...it patterns great with blackcloud and other loads as well. plus it looks sweet!
  6. I have had my vinci since june and not had any problems. I have however dropped a little bit of the oil that comes with the gun on the bolt head and where is comes in contact with the barrel. I have shot alot through this gun without any problems...try making sure this is lubed well. Hope you have some better luck
  7. I was just wondering what you all have to say about the vinci, now that the gun has been out for a while and duck season is now well underway....just curious what you guys think. thanks! p.s. if ya got pics lets see em!
  8. I will make jerky out of some of it...its pretty tasty, and easy.
  9. I agree completely! I got mine the first week of June and it has been a workhorse ever since. I do baby it, but I have let it go a while without cleaning and when i went to clean it, i expected it to be pretty nasty, but was suprised when hardly any built up was there. The gun is extremely tough. I was hunting last weekend when it was 15 out and i had ice build up all over the gun, but when it came time to shoot it fired three off like it was no big deal. As far as the plastic goes...i dont see there being any problem.
  10. benelli....not benellie haha
  11. benellie doesnt make any yet, do you just need more pull length?
  12. it has done everything for me...i havent had one problem in five months i have had it.
  13. all benelli's are awesome!! its everyones opinion and some guns just work better...but hey, if you buy a benelli you cant go wrong! p.s. opening day for ducks here tomorrow...SO EXCITED!!!!
  14. ok cool thanks...yeah i just got one of those public land maps so i think i have a spot lined up for opening day of duck this weekend
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