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  1. 10G - I had Briley match the .723 bore, so I'm good there. I think you've hit the nail on the head on the difference between the Beretta and Benelli, which would explain why the Benelli shoots tighher patterns. I went back up to my club today and shot two rounds of skeet an one of SC. The gun shoots amazingly well and has improved my scores over the Beretta. The consistency of pellet distribution in my patterns is outstanding. I'm rapidly reaching a point where this is the only gun I want to shoot!
  2. Haven't done a side-by-side comparison, but I think that's in order.
  3. "What I’d like to have is a good comparison between the various Benelli models (M2, SBE, Cordoba, etc.) the Franchi I12, and the Stoeger M2000. My understanding is that in the broadest terms they are similar in that they are all based on the Benelli inertia action." I went through the same process back in Nov. I chose the Benelli Cordoba, with a 30" barrel. Why? In my opinion a 3.5" magnum is not necessary for any North American bird, or any other bird for that matter. I've killed geese plenty well with a 2 3/4" high base shell. When you factor that with the SBE II's difficulty in cycling
  4. This past weekend I had a fantastic duck hunt down in the bayou of LA with my new Benelli Cordoba (30"). Prior to the hunt I bought a Briley skeet choke for my gun in the hopes of opening the pattern over the Benelli factory Cyclinder choke... yes Cylinder! To my surprise even the Briley choke was only slightly more open than the Benelli Cylinder. It was however, deadly on ducks at both medium (25 - 35 yds.) and long ranges (60+ yds.). However, a diffuser choke throwing a wider pattern would have probably been better on short range Teals coming in over decoys. In my years of experience wi
  5. Timb99 - I should have mentioned I have a Benelli Cylinder tube. Based on my 35 years of shooting I've never shot a gun with as tight of patterns as this Benelli. For example, my Beretta in a Skeet choke configuration at 35 yards has more than twice the shot pattern diameter than the Benelli in a Cylinder config. My Benelli Cylinder tube shoots as tight a pattern as a Modified tube in my Beretta - that should give you an idea of what I'm talking about. I went Duck hunting in LA the past three days and could have used a more open pattern shooting Teals that were coming in close over decoys
  6. I've got a Benelli Cordoba (30" barrel) and would like to get some recommendations for a choke tube that will really opens the pattern. I just bought a Briley Skeet choke, but it's still tight. If I'm not mistaken Tru-Glo makes some kind of choke that really opens things up, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  7. It is cheaper than buying a whole new gun. If Bass Pro had the Cordoba in 28", that's the gun I would have bought. One way to look at is... the 30" is great for driven Continental Pheasant, Ducks and Geese and the 28" for everything else.
  8. Scratch that... I called Benelli back and got someone who knew what they were talking about. Consumers can buy Cordoba barrels separately. I now have the part number. Currently they're sold out and won't be in stock for 90 days.
  9. I called Benelli and the customer service rep said they don't sell separate barrels for the Cordoba, however they do sell them for the Montefeltro line. The only question I didn't get answered was whether they come in the same matte finish as the Cordoba.
  10. Not to sound flippant, but of course they would say that. I've seen it happen and talked to owners of SBE II's that have experienced ejection issues on light target loads.
  11. But can you shoot 2 3/4" (7/8 oz.) loads without ejection issues?
  12. I recently went through the same decision process. I tested the Beretta Extrema II, Remington CTi, Benelli SBE II and wound up with the Cordoba. All were fine guns, but for reasons I'll state below this was the right move for me. Why did I choose the Cordoba? I too wanted to shoot Ducks and Geese with my new gun, but I also wanted to shoot Sporting Clays and other game. The SBE II is nice, but I've seen it struggle cycling light target loads (7/8 oz.). There has also been some technical discussions on the Web around shot deformation when shooting 2 3/4" ammo through a 3.5" chamber. To avo
  13. It could be the Cyrogenic barrels on the Cordoba that add the extra cost. I just purchased one in 12 gauge and absolutely love it! :-)
  14. I purchased a Cordoba with a 30" ported barrel and would like to get a 28". Does Benelli sell barrels separately and if so how do I get one? Thanks, DB
  15. Not to sound like a putz, but last year down on the Bayou I killed a Snow with 3" Mag. of Hevi-Shot... I estimate the bird was 70 yards overhead. When it landed in the water it was a football field away. It took the Lab 10 minutes to retrieve it.
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