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  1. If you still want a stock, I have one for $525 shipped UPS w/ insurance. Brand new, unopened box. Let me know if your interested
  2. aandj69

    M4 Stock wanted

    Stock $410, extension tube $210. Both brand new in factory original packaging. $8.00 UPS shipping.
  3. aandj69

    M4 Stock wanted

    Are you looking for a collapsible stock? If so let me know. Brand new in the factory package. I also have the 2 shot extension tubes.
  4. Gunbroker Auction # 82416049 Nothing wrong with tacstar stuff, some people just like original factory equip.
  5. I agree $500 and up is gouging. $400 is current market value. I do understand though. Maybe Benelli will actually listen to the consumers for once and bring out out a U.S. made stock. I doubt it though. And maybe ATF will relax the rescrictions on the stocks. But has ATF ever really changed the policies on ANY of thier decisions? Good luck. BTW, no need for a bidding war. I'm selling these for the price shown. I have a few of each.
  6. Starting @ 190, 225 buy it now. Brand new in factory package. Gunbroker.com Item # 81602079
  7. And yes, I know I spelled "collapsible" wrong. Thanks
  8. Selling Benelli NIB 70085. Has never been installed on a gun. Factory sealed box. Hope I don't piss anyone off with the price: $410 shipped. I also have +2 Extensions # 81043P @ $210 shipped. Thanks for looking.
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