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  1. I have 3 full boxes of Federal Power-Shok Speer Hot-Cor 180 grain ammo for sale in .300 Win Mag. Just bought at $35 a box at my local dealer, looking to get $60 shipped for all 3. Selling because I decided to keep my 30-06 and not get a .300 win mag. My loss is your gain. Email me at [email protected]
  2. Well my dad's good friend knows someone with a mint Benelli ultralight 12 gauge for sale for $750. It has 2 boxes of shells through it and was used by a 70 year old man before he passed. I am considering buying it for pheasants and grouse, but don't know much about them. Has there been any problems with these guns, how are they to clean? It has on nick in the grip, is that a good price? Also the safety is set up for a left hand shooter, how hard is it to switch them around? Thanks a lot for any and all help!
  3. Don't know what you're all talking about, but up here in Minnesota and North Dakota they scare more birds away. It's like flagging for geese.. It draws them in when they are way out, but once they are even somewhat close you don't want to be using it. In fact we put ours at the far end of our decoy strings when we use them because it makes the birds land closer to us because they just don't like them. The first year they came out they were amazing. Birds were buzzing all around them and they'd draw them in like nothing.. Now they're educated and it scares them off. Just my experi
  4. I went to another Benelli dealer in my area and they told me the exact same thing, so I don't think they were making it up. And my guns aren't just range guns. I hunt ducks every weekend and go out to NoDak twice a year pheasant and duck hunting. What are you guys thoughts on the Ultra Lights? I can pick one up for $800 with only 2 boxes of sheels thorugh it. I was also wondering how you switch around the safety? He has it set up for a lefty (but reciever is still on right), but so you flick off the safety with your left hand (on left hand side of trigger guard). How hard is it to flip it
  5. ^ Come on now, Benelli's are just as durable as the brands you listed. This isn't a common occurence, and I'm sure if they replaced it he'd be more than happy.
  6. I think I may just stick with my Beretta for this year. It has never once let me down and it is pretty much my first ever shotgun I've owned, and have a lot of history with it. I kind of want to keep this gun forever and just pick up a Benelli a few years down the road when I can afford to have my Beretta also. A few years down the road Benelli will have something new and improved anyways. Plus I am a pretty damn good shot with it if I do say so myself. Few years ago at the DU shoot we have here I beat almost every single guy there at skeet. Shot 24/25.. And in sporting clays on pretty da
  7. Sounds like you're out of luck. I'd try calling Benelli and try talking to someone higher up. Aks to speak to the operator's manager and tell him the whole situation. If that doesn't look I'd send in the shotgun for the review board and pick up a used shotgun for the season and hope benelli will send you a new gun.
  8. Darn I just got the call from my shop and I guess the SBE II I was looking at is on a nation wide back order. I would just go to another shop, but this place had given me a killer trade in on my current Beretta that no where else could come close to. Looks like I may be in the market for a used one. Hope full I can find one locally by next weekend!
  9. Well like I said, to some people the peice of mind is worth 2 boxes of shells. And I will be killing ducks with these, so it's a win win situation. Thanks for the help! I will elt you guys know how my shoulder feels after putting through 50 3 1/2's in a half a day And this may sound like a very stupid question, but when I've cleaned my guns I've always pushed the cleaning rod in both directions through the barrel. I just read online that that is a no no, and I should only be pushing it in the direction the wad goes out the barrel, then pulling the rod all the way through the end of the b
  10. I bought two boxes of Winchester Xpert Hi-velocity 3 1/2" 1 3/8 ounce 1550 fps 2 shot. Whoo that's a mouthfull.. After I put those two through it I'll move onto some 3" 4 shot duck load and after 2 boxes of those, hopefully it'll want to shoot my Federal target loads. Heading out to North Dakota next week for a week long trip. It'll be a nice to get a whole bunch of shots with it so soon.
  11. Well, to start off, my name's Matt I'm 17 and new to the forums. It seems like you all are a pretty good bunch of guys, and there seems to be a lot of good info on this site! Look forward to learning and thanks to anyone in advance for any help. Now down to the nitty gritty.. I am picking up my first Benelli this weekend.. A Super Black Eagle II. I am trading in the old faithful Beretta 3901 for it with $800 (after tax) on top of it (not bad for a 4 year old trade in, eh?). I know some don't believe a shotgun doesn't need to be broken in, but I'd rather have the peice of mind knowing I am
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