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    I am Married,4 Kids & a Grandson,I Love hunting Predators,Waterfowl,Crows & Rabbits
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    in the Ohio Boondocks,BUT I really love living in the Boonies!!!
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    Huntn,Fishn and hiding from the Wife
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    Mechanical Maintenance and a Machinist
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  1. I could be wrong, but I doubt it
  2. Hmmm ANOTHER Benelli Flawed Part, Material OR Design urnhart, you are NOT the only one with Problems, I have noticed that MANY People don't like to let ANYONE know that Benelli Hosed them, after all, they had to explain to their friends WHY this EXPENSIVE Pry Bar That Benelli calls a Rifle has broke and been sent back 2-3 Times and why you NEVER use the New Gun during Hunting Season, and I don't understand about saying their Customer Service is good, for the PRICE that Benelli Charges, you shouldn't NEED Customer Service, and the reason that you didn't get the Rifle back before Deer seaso
  3. Mudhen What kind of Ducks are those,,I know the Mallards,,but I am talking about the Non-Mallard Species,,Red Heads ? Thank You very Much
  4. Bslsail I contacted the Dealer 3 HOURS AFTER I BOUGHT THE GUN And Dicks Sporting Goods said that Benelli/Stoeger Told THEM to have the Customer (Me) send the Gun Back to Benelli/Stoeger !!! This is WHY I bought from Gun Shops,,if the Gun was Screwed up,,the Gun Shop woul be MORE THAN HAPPY to give me a Different Gun and then THE GUN SHOPwould send the Gun back to Benelli/Stoeger ! That is why I said that Dicks Sporting Goods is ALSO at fault ! This is a BAD WAY to treat a Customer from BOTH Benelli AND Dicks Sporting Goods !!! The BOTTOM LINE is that a Customer buying a NEW GUN
  5. Well I think Benelli puts SO MUCH MONEY into their Ads on the Hunting Channels,,telling us how THEIR PRODUCT is the GREATEST out there,,so we should buy it for Peace of Mind,,that they can't AFFORD nice wood OR Good Parts to ACTUALLY give us a Good Product !!! oh well,,Benelli/Stoeger and Dicks Sporting Goods has seen the LAST PENNY,that they will EVER get from me,,my Family,,My Friends,,AND the Gun Club that I Belong to wants to start a Youth Program,,and they were THINKING of Buying quite a few Condors because of the Price,,well GUESS WHAT,,I do NOT think they will buy anything from eithe
  6. Hogwild Thank you for the reply,,BUT it shouldn't have to come to that !!! Thank You Very Much Ohiyesa
  7. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/archive/index.php/f-18.html Go here and tell these People this is NOT a Common Occurance !!! and it does NOT Matter how much you spend on a Gun,,a few bad ones out of Thousands is a Minor Problem,,but when 75% of your Shipment doesn't even WORK when you get it home !!! well that Sir to me is a Bonified "Junk Dealer" !!! and Stoeger/Benelli NEEDS to be held ACCOUNTABLE !!! just the same way as the BIG 3 Auto Makers are held accountable !!! with the Car Makers,,as soon as a Common Complaint hits a certain Level,,then they MUST issue a Recall,,or face a CLASS
  8. Sounds to me like Benelli does NOT CARE about its American Customer,,the Condor is JUNK also !!! Now I have 2 Stoeger Model 2000's and I am a NERVOUS WRECK on whether the 2 Guns will even make it through Duck And Goose season !? I already have the PIN that holds the Trigger assembly in Backing out half way after 50 Shots! I Bought a Condor for my Wife on Monday October 8th,,Brought the Gun home,,an I CLEANED IT THROUGHLY,,went out to shoot it,,and the TOP Barrel will NOT SHOOT !!! So I called Dicks Sporting Goods when the Gun would NOT fire the Top Tube,,Dick's said to send it back to
  9. I just bought the Stoeger Model # 2000,,it works great,,so far anyway !!! I WAS using a Remington Sportsman 12 Magnum,,well the 870 went into the Closet,,but it WILL/CAN come out of the Closet in a Heart Beat IF the Stoeger Model #2000 starts to act up !! I HOPE that does NOT happen,,only time will tell ? But so far,the Model #2000 has NOT been into the "Shop" Yet. Thank You very much Ohiyesa
  10. ohiyesa

    New waders

    I need to get a Pair of Waders for me and my 2 Sons,,so my Question is this: Do the Boot sizes on the Waders run a size smaller or a size Bigger than the shoes we wear on the Streets ? Thank You Very Much Ohiyesa
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