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  1. m2man

    m2 saddle mount

    I have an m2 b-square saddle mount that is available. It is brand new I just don't want it going with a weaver style. Make an offer at it will be yours. I will take care of shipping.
  2. I think we have talked but I have a M2 slug barrel and the only thing you will need to do is buy a new forearm that will fit the slug barrel which cost anywhere from 100-150. I have one if you want it and you can PM and we can talk.
  3. m2man

    m2 slug barrel

    I do not know if the barrel will fit a M1 I will submit a question to cs and see what they say.
  4. m2man

    m2 slug barrel

    I have a m2 riffled slug barrel in APG camo if anyone is interested in it just let me know and we can talk price. I am looking to get rid of it in order to buy a muzzle or single shot that I only use for deer.
  5. m2man

    M2 Saddle Mount

    I was trying to purchase a saddle mount for my m2 slug gun and the gun shop I took it to said they could get a saddle mount for sbe11, m1, and nova but could not find for m2 is there one that will work on m2.
  6. 1 Benelli M2 1 Remington 1100 2 Remington 870 20 Gauges 1 12 Gauge Browning Gold 1 10 Gauge Browning Gold 1 Single Shot 12 1 Over/Under 12 Do not know the brands of the last two off the top of my head.
  7. m2man

    M2 slug gun

    Thanks for the info. I think I will give it a shot and will let you know how things turn out.
  8. m2man

    M2 slug gun

    I have the M2 slug and field barrel combo also. I was wondering how easy is it to mount a scope on the gun for gun season. Can you put it on and take it off rather easy. I am from illinois and use my gun for deer hunting two weekends only, but use it for dove and ducks so I was wondering if it easy to take on and off.
  9. m2man

    m2 slug barrel

    I sent a pm to you if you want to talk about that barrel.
  10. m2man

    m2 slug barrel

    I have a m2 slug barrel if anyone is interested in it. The barrel is in apg and is fully riffled. PM if you are interested.
  11. m2man

    m2 12g slug barrel

    I sent you a PM that you can check and contact me when you get your gun and we will talk.
  12. m2man

    m2 12g slug barrel

    just wanted to move back to the top
  13. m2man

    m2 12g slug barrel

    If anyone would like a m2 12g slug barrel in apg give me your number and we can talk price. I only used the slug barrel one deer season and have only shot 20 slugs through it. I was originally going to use this gun for everything but now have decided I want a muzzleloader or a hr single shot slug gun instead.
  14. I bought the m2 in apg with the slug barrel with the thought that the field barrel would be easy to get and that was way off. I could not even order the barrel but after much arguement I eventually got a black field barrel with my apg m2 which does not look to bad. If you do buy the m2 in apg with the field barrel I will sell you my slug barrel or if anyone else wants the slug barrel let me know and we can talk.
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