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  1. This is true. It is just as easy to cycle them through.
  2. To me they are the exact same gun except the chamber in the SBEll has a bigger chamber.
  3. Does anyone have a M2 barrel for sale? Or can anyone give me sites to buy them from.
  4. Only the best I have a leupold shotgun scope on it. Its a nice fit. Haha, yea those slugs arnt cheap.
  5. The winchester partition golds are the way to go! i had a half inch group at 50 yards inch at 100 2 inch group at 150 and the at 200 yards i had a three in group!!!! They are so accurate best slugs ever.
  6. Today im going to the range. Im shooting the Remmington core lokt Winchester surpremes (partition golds) and the new Winchester Surpreme Elite
  7. Alright. I just got it yesterday. (man do I love benelli's) Does anyone have anysugestions for slugs?
  8. benelli boy

    M2 slug gun

    Does anyone know if you can switch barrels from slug to field w/out modifications like it says on the web site? Also can anyone give me a price on one. thanks:confused:
  9. I also agree with m2 slugger. Your gun doesnt need to be cleaned after every trip to the range. Ive dropped deer at 200 yards with a winchest surpreme slug (works best with my gun) with the bore "dirty".
  10. Im twelve years old and I have a benelli R1 and M2 and they both are great. The R1 is a 300 win mag non comfort tech and I have no problem shooting it. That would make the benelli R1 cheaper. I hope this helps.
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