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  1. The M4 shoots standard foster type slugs with more than satisfactory accuracy. Mine cluster at about 3 inches at 50 yards, but open up to about a 12 inches at 100. But if you using a shotgun for deer 75 to 50 yards is the average shot anyway. I use a cylinder choke tube with an eotech sight. AWESOME!
  2. I have a Super black eagle II with a rifled barrel and an M4. I killed two deer on the run with the M4 in Iowa this year and dropped them both where they stood. I just don't know which one I like better. Killed with both, the SBE II I killed a doe at 150 yards, she jumped straight up in the air and fell straight down on her chest.
  3. yeah no special deal only what it was supposed to be, 30 bucks off two boxes of 4570 lever revolution ammo. cant complain
  4. Cool, thanks, for the SBE II what length slug is best for accuracy 2 3/4 or the 3"?
  5. I will be sighting in my SBEII slug gun with sabots and want to know how often to clean the barrel during the sight in process, Every 3, 5, or do multiple shots in one sitting effect accuracy?
  6. yeah baby gonna Get Some
  7. Any reason why one should not use a turkey choke on the m4? I figure barrel length is more for aiming and I have an eotech so I should be fine for 30 and under yards? any opinions?
  8. I agree it needs to be fired to break it in. Mine is brand new and low brass hangs up, but high brass loads run like butter. Just need to pump some rounds through it to I guess loosen up the recoil spring or something, it just feels a little tight.
  9. is it called the mobi*e choke system? the site won't allow an L to be in that word.
  10. What type of choke tube system is in the M4? Crio or what? I want to get a barrel extension and a turkey choke and put this baby to use in the field. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Does anyone make a slug barrel or longer barrels for the m4?
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