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  1. No, I didn't call Saturday... a few weeks ago. Call Benelli and they can clear up a LOT for you. It seems that a lot of people on these forums are reading other forums written by people who read other forums, usually with the disclaimer IANAL (I am not a lawyer). Call Benelli. They'll tell you. Call your local ATF field office. They'll laugh. They're not going after you. Its an import law.
  2. I called Benelli USA. There is no problem with these parts being installed. The just can't be imported that way. 922® is, and always has been, and import law.
  3. I've been asked to go deer hunting in slug territory. Has anyone here used an M4 or something similar as a deer gun? Any reasons why I wouldn't?
  4. Holds seven rounds, + 1 in the chamber. Sit and finnish was perfect. Fed perfectly. Give Dave's a try!
  5. Just heard from Dave, and I've got an M4 Full length tube on the way from him. I'll let you guys know how it goes!
  6. Very well sir. I look forward to our trade.
  7. I have an M1014 stock/pistol grip. I would like to trade for the standard full stock/pistolgrip combo plus cash. Offers?
  8. walstien

    M-4 Side saddle

    Asside from Mesa, who else makes a viable side saddle? Will the tacstar benelli super 90 sidesaddle work?
  9. Anyone have any experience with this product or Daves metal works? How about a comparison between this and the surecycle. What works best?
  10. Interesting. Was it hard to remove the old recoil tube and add the new one? How about the full length mag tube? Was it hard to install?
  11. Its my understanding that the m1014 will not accept a new recoil tube for the collapsible stock. Won't this be a problem if I have a full length mag tube installed?
  12. Will this work with my "Flag Stamped" m1014? Benelli M4 12 Ga. 6 Shot Magazine Tube item # 981490 at e-gunparts (numerich) Anyone have an opionion on Daves Metal Works vs Surecycle? What would you guys choose?
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