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  1. for the love of gaud, make it not jam & not rust...we know it will be THE most expensive semi available.
  2. sounds like it needs to go back to the factory. call customer service. i did; my brand new sbeii went back & they changed a few parts & adjusted a few. turn around time was roughly 1 1/2 months - joy, joy. ps - there's an unwritten rule on this forum - you are not supposed to speak of problems with benelli - totally ridiculous (at least to me). i'm more about true customer education & experience. thanks
  3. i've had one for 1 1/2 years & have been completely disappointed. wish i had bought the winchester sx3. maybe i got a lemon. it's been back to the factory & i've had some jams since. see: VERY UNHAPPY WITH BENELLI & New SBE Disappointment & Rust on my benelli.
  4. weight is less of an issue for me, so i am looking to get some opinions about these models - browning gold light 10 gauge & remington sp10. do you think these are quality shotguns in terms of reliability and accuracy? i know you guys have experience with them / know about 'em. any thoughts? thanks
  5. i guess my question has more to do with others' thoughts of/experience with the remington sp10 & browning light 10 gauge models. one friend just told me he had to send his browning gold light 10 gauge in 2x & they ended up giving him a brand new gun. thanks
  6. I am thinking of getting a 10 gauge semi-auto & wanted to know if anyone had recommendations. I am thinking Remington SP10 or Browning Gold Light (which I believe are the main two 3 1/2" capable semi options). My primary use is actually for ducks & I suspect it's overkill, but I wanted some others' thoughts. Thank you
  7. nolaboy1

    Oiling SBII

    NJGunner, I'd highly recommend that you send your new gun back in. I had jamming problems with my brand new SBEII & tried different oil & ammo - only to have continued, repetitive problems. I waited for the end of duck season to send it in & it took several weeks, but they replaced a few parts & adjusted a few others. It was highly frustrating for me & I actually wished I had sent the gun in sooner. So far (with about 3 boxes shot), there have been no problems. I suspect Benelli quality has gone down with mass production, but I only know my experience, what I read & what I hear. See: New SBE Disappointment & Rust on my benelli. Thanks
  8. yeah, it's salty in my area - but it doesn't affect my other guns, including my charles daly. that's rights - a gun that cost less than half of the price of a benelli barrel has a better coating. that's something to me. i look forward to seeing if corrosion x &/or boeshield solves the benelli coating problem this season. if not, i'll get it recoated (assuming there are no more cycling problems) or possibly sell it. thanks
  9. My reply is that in my experience and in the areas I hunt, the coating is ineffective. I have to apply a heavy outside coat of oil especially right before & right after my hunts. When I wipe the gun down, I always – REPEAT ALWAYS – get rust residue on my rag. None of my other guns do this. I care for my guns meticulously. I do not get a sense that this gun will last a lifetime. A few people I know with the same model in my area have the same problem. The authorized dealer where I bought the gun has heard of the problem from many owners. This authorized dealer has suggested that I get my one year old SBEII re-coated/refinished. My one year old SBEII has been back to the factory – some parts were replaced & some were adjusted for repeated cycling failures. I do not know if Benelli product quality & materials has gone down, but to me, I supect it has & to me, the product stinks. Had I known I would have these problems with one of the most expensive field guns on the market, I would (of course) not have bought it. This is my first Benelli gun & this is my experience with the product.
  10. I have one more item before someone tries to hide negative Benelli experiences. We all know gun manufacturers use marketing ploys to increase sales. I'm looking at the similar models - SBEII, Winchester SX2 & Beretta Xtrema2. On this front, Benelli focuses on the barrel, recoil reduction, barrel, molding/grip and the inertia driven bolt. (Crio, ComforTech, Airtouch, Inertia Driven). They do not mention/highlight coatings & corrosion resistance, while Beretta & Winchester do with own technologies (AquaTech & PermaCote UT). See the Beretta-copied comments below. I would suggest that Benelli, at a minimum, adapt the parent company technology of AquaTech for their guns. In my experience, it seems that nearly ANYTHING would be an improvement from the current coating techniques used. Thanks "This new shotgun features Aqua technology for extreme environmental protection. All internal and external metallic components are constructed of advanced corrosive resistant materials. This means that even the coastal salt-spray that would ruin a traditional shotgun on a waterfowl outing will not damage this gun."
  11. Some people feel like they need to coat their Benelli in the field while hunting because the coating is that rotten/ineffective. I also forgot to re-mention that my own retailer where I bought the gun suggested I get the gun "recoated/re-finished' - when he knows it's g-damn brand new.
  12. I forgot to mention it - but the fact that some people feel like they need to oil their Benelli in the field DURING a hunt is absolutely unbelievable to me. To me, that is completely ridiculous & show how ineffective the coating is. Also, maybe it's the area I hunt in, but I know several people who say their Benelli with the black matte coating gives them trouble. Thanks
  13. I'll try Corrosion X. I use the same oil on all of my guns & my Benelli is the worst in terms of surface rust. I clean the gun thoroughly & put on a pretty thick outter coat on the Benelli, especially right before & right after the hunt. All other guns are much cheaper, yet have more effective coatings for my hunting areas. The point to me is that instead of being a nice tool that requires low maintenance & is highly reliable, this model is actually worse than my other guns. This ineffective coating comes with a gun that has already been back to the factory to have a few parts replaced & a few adjusted - all for cycling issues (see: New SBE Disappointment - http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15345&highlight=very+disappointed). I am highly disappointed, but look forward to the coming season & we'll see how it works. More problems & I'll try to sell it & might look to the Winchester SX3. Overall, I am completely let down by this purchase. Just my two cents/my experience with the brand.
  14. suppose i have problems with my still-under-warranty gun & it needs to go back to the factory. can you knock out the epoxy if needed to make it look unaltered? last, which grove is the second? (i'm not in front of my gun/bolt - at work). thanks
  15. how do you do the modification to the bolt - or where can i find out how? you can do this on a 1 yr old sbeii? thank you
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