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  1. I'd try to ignor it for the time being. Weve all had it happen no matter what AutoLoader your using. I think it's probably the powder charge- maybe not enough powder or it got damp. If it continues then contact the company for support. But one jam in approx 501 rounds is nothinng to get excited about. As I said, try to ignor it for now, and stay positive.
  2. Thanks for your rsponce, I was excited a one point, then after reading the story about Action fowling my heart dropped, then felt I should look at a Browning Staker. I will waite for more responces before making up my mind. My other Rifle's a 308 Remington Model 4 in emi-auto, I've almost shot the barrel out over the yrs of use, know the action is constantly acting up and I've lost faith. The Benelli action caught my interest.
  3. Is that shotgun drilled and tapped ? How'd did you mount the scope.
  4. had a melt down during this yrs deer hunt- time for a new rifle. I was considering the R1 in 270wsm. I was reading some notes and ran across someone in this forumwho thought the R1 action gets fowled quite easily, any opinion's.
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