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  1. I have always been a Zeiss person but on the R1 changed from Zeiss to the new IOR with the lighted rectile and range finder. Pretty cool and equivilant to a scope of 50% more price wise by the optics.
  2. Ok back from the gun smith and the mount the dealer installed allowed the scope to move. We put on a double screw heavy steel mount and the rifle was grouping in an inch pattern with the Winchester 150 silver tip and 1.25" with Fusion 150's. This was with a proffessional rifle gun mount. So far I have successfully shot a deer at 275 but missed at 350 yds the trigger pull is 5# and I feel that this maybe an issue for the longer shots. Any comments?
  3. I was upsold on this gun from a BAR and it has really been a learning experience. First weekend of season had it bore sighted at shop with a new conquest scope 50 mm, shop installed a Leopold high scope mount. Took it to range and it fired 12 " low at 25 yds. Scope could not be adjusted up enough so back to the shop and no hunting. Next, top tech installs the rail tooth mount and leopold rings. Socpe now can be zero'd. Go up today and sight in, start at 100 yds 3 " off. Crank in and could not get a group less than 3 " with Winchester 150 ballistics. Let barrell cool
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