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  1. What i did with my SBE2 is shoot heavy loads out of it,it does have a break in period.....also shoot lighter 1 oz loads for trap or skeet...i've seen in the past guys having cycling troubles with 7.8oz loads...Honkers41
  2. I've used both shells for the past 3 years on Ducks and geese and my choice would have to be Kents FastSteel..you don't have to change chokes while useing Kents Faststeel...with the B/c its not recommended to use wad stripping chokes with this ammo and i use Kicks chokes alot, but have to change the choke when i switch to Blackcloud to my Brileys chokes....But Black cloud does put out tighter patterns just don't shoot anything closer then 20 yards you'll be picking out wadding in the bird...Honkers41:D
  3. I'm shooting 3.5 myself....Try Kents Turkey loads bro...they swiss cheese pattern boards...they have to change the back boards up at my club after,i shoot my SBE2 and my Kents 3.5's. Honkers41
  4. Honkers41


    :DLooks like the SBE2...just that fugly forearm...i'm not impressed,I just wonder if we're hear the guys that buy them in the next year whinning like most did with the SBE2...Honkers41:D
  5. You got me....but no thankyou..i'll keep my SBE2!!!
  6. I been shooting the 3.5 Kents BB&BBB at snow geese for 2 years now...believe me the loads kick, but after going crazy on snow geese you don't feel it after the first few flocks...Honkers41:D
  7. Great gun and yes some guys have had problems with them...but my 'in has been flawless for 2 seasons and not a problem, just treat it like a corvett cause it is in the gun world...Honkers41:D
  8. Honkers41

    SBE II

    Yes its a Crio....and yes you can get them...i have 3...and they all work great. Honkers41:D
  9. Nope...thats a water turkey...able to swim long distance....!!!!!
  10. I've been useing Easyhit sights for about a season or so on my SBE.2..its works great for me...helps me find the end of the barrel alot faster then that little bead that Benelli put on it....
  11. I'm useing a Briley Crio choke Passing Ducks, Mod with Blackcloud number4's and it hammers patterns boards at 40 yards...i have 2 Kicks highflyers but use other ammo with them...the briley does a great job with B/C, Honkers41
  12. Blot closed...taking all the strain off the springs and Benelli recommends you do this...Honkers41
  13. Right now i'm useing the Brileys Crio Chokes for passing Ducks with Blackcloud number 4's they pattern great...i also shoot the Kicks high flyer chokes full and XFull with my other Federal and winchester loads...both pattern great..Honkers41
  14. I'm useing Kicks Chokes for my ducks and goose hunting, they seem to be the tightiest out of my SBE2,also i use the Briley crio waterfowl chokes for passing ducks..for turkey try the .665 Benelli ExtraFull choke or the Kicks Turkey choke.One imporant thing i'm forgetting i shoot blackcloud out of my briley chokes and Federal and winchester Steel out of my Kicks Chokes...either chokes will get you the patterns you want.Honkers41
  15. Nj...i've had my SBE2 since last Dec o7...hav'nt had any problems with it.I've shot over 700 rounds threw it ..i clean it like any other shotgun of My'in nothing special...i do slightly wipe every moving part with FP-10 Elite Lubicant as for the CLP i clean with it and wipe it off..and then use the FP-10...and lightly wiping the trigger housing.I must be one of the lucky ones cause 'ive been hearing horror stories and hav'nt had not one problem with it and do alot of hunting in marshes and salt water...Honkers41
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