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  1. anARtoo

    M4 mounts

    I just put the Mesa barrel clamp on my M4 and used it to mount a Surefire Scout Light for a night shoot last weekend and it worked great. I am very pleased with it since it seemed that after I had placed the order that it didn't appear it was even suppose to fit the M4. I don't think the fit could be any better, so not sure why their web site seems to suggest it does not fit? Oh well, something works that is not suppose to. Nice!
  2. I have had my M4 for a couple of months now and have not shot it as much as I would like but I have not noticed any problem with the end cap coming loose. Mine also only came with the 1 choke tube and I amy pretty sure that's all they come with. As for the the full length tube, I purchased mine from SOCOMGUY. He has a lengthy post here you can read. I have been very pleased with mine. You can also google Dave's Metal Works. They have several models that have received some good posts too. I am using the factory spring in my one piece tube and it works fine. My factory tube came off with about
  3. Got it! Thanks to all for the instructions. It came off just like everyone said it would. I am really glad I asked though because I would never have tried taking it off that way. I would surely have tried going through the butt stock to unscrew it.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I will give it a go today. "Can't screw anything up." That's what I wanted to hear, although sometimes I have been able to find a way to surprise even myself.
  5. I want to replace my standard M4 pistol grip stock with the standard field stock. Can anybody tell me the procedure or point me to a diagram? I don't want to screw something up and have to replace some part because I didn't know what I was doing. Been there and didn't like it! Thanks
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