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  1. I have a like new Arsenal SGL-31-61 Russian made AK-74 that I would like to trade towards a Benelli M4 11707. I had one and stupidly sold it a few months ago. I have serious sellers remorse so now I'm looking to pick another up. The SGL-31 has 150 rnds through it (5 mags) that were fired during the testing and review of a prototype flash hider. The rifle comes with the original box, manual, 10rnd mag, and an additional 30rnd Bulgarian mag. If you're not familiar with these rifles, they're chambered in 5.45x39 which is the Russian version of our .223 (not the same though). Right now these
  2. No I still have the 5rnd tube and plug. I've checked that as well. After about 100rnds of medium to heavy loads I can get another quarter or half turn to tighten it back up. Not a big deal was just wondering if most of them did that. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Great to hear that both options I'm looking at are good ways to go. Thanks again for the response and if anyone else wants to chime in feel free to do so. CMS
  4. Thanks for the response. It don't bother me I just wanted to make sure it was normal and that I'm not the only one experiencing this annoyance. CMS
  5. Has anyone noticed that after 80-100rnds of buck or slugs the end cap begins to loosen on their M4? I don't know if the detent on my M4 isn't picking up on the teeth of the endcap enough or if they're all like this. Any suggestions? CMS
  6. After some wheeling and dealing I got the Benelli M4 back that I sold to a friend when I was going through some tough times. I'm getting ready to drop on a full length mag tube and I was wondering what my options are. I want a quality one piece tube...so no +2 extensions. I'm considering this one: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=146264917 I'm sure people have brought them up before here...they're titanium tubes. They look pretty sharp but I'd like some feedback about them. They also sell an extra power spring. How is the fit, finish, and function of this pair
  7. I have a few questions relating to my M4. 1) Anyone else having problems with their barrel retaining cap unscrewing after firing? I can make mine hand tight and then fire a box or two through it and then get another 1/4 turn out of it. Any suggestions for keeping it tight? The detent pin don't seem to do it. 2) I only got a modified choke tube with my M4. It's an 11707. Should I have 3 or is one all I get? How can I get Benelli to give me the other 2? 3) Who has full length mag tubes (factory or otherwise)for sale and where can I get a good spring for the 7rnd tube? How
  8. I'll stick with my M4...**** of alot lighter. CMS
  9. I have a M4. I haven't mounted a scope but might try picking up an EOtech. If I don't like it I'll toss it on my AR. CMS
  10. An EOtech should work nicely. They make a scope rail for it so I can't see it not holding a zero. Just buy a good optic...EOtech will run you $300ish but it's worth the hastle you'll save yourself over buying a cheap walmart red dot that breaks after 5 shots.. CMS
  11. At 25 yds I could barely stay on paper with slugs out of my old bead sight Mossberg 500 18.5". Ghost rings are the way to go. I'll never go back. I'd say that they double the range of a shotgun with slugs. What's more amazing was with a clay thrower and some #7 birdshot I nailed every clay. Granted the thrower is just one you stake into the ground and it by no means throws them as fast or far as a real one but dang it was a good time! CMS
  12. Don't mind the hat...I didn't know it was like that and walked around looking like a goof all day...
  13. Slugs on steel are stupid easy at 100yds.
  14. Well here she is... we even busted some clays with it. I was astonished how well I could hit them with ghost ring sights... CMS
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