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  1. See this thread too... http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14519
  2. Are you sure about the 10 round thing? I thought it was 5 rounds for semiauto shotguns. I don't live in the PRK though, just what I heard.
  3. AFPJ

    M4 EOTech / Help

    caligvla, I have a red dot scope (BSA I think...something cheap) on my M4 similar in concept to the EOtechs, and it is great fun to shoot clays with. Granted, only trap, but have heard others have similar giggles with skeet. Sure beats sighting done a ribbed barrel.
  4. Funny, I just got back and saw this response. For the full auto AK 47 shooting 7.62x39, I can pull the trigger as fast as that AK will shoot but for only 3 rounds before the AK beats it. Seems that way when standing there...no nanosecond clocks or high speed cameras here. Of course, that's with someone else on the AK trigger and me right next to him on the M4..I am not good enough to hold both simultaneously. Maybe Glockguy is a genius and can do that. I'll take that bet about 20 shots off from the AK before the 2nd round chambered. That M4 cycles FAST! My limited mental capacity only knows that my MP5 is much faster at cycling and rounds/minute than the AK. 1 round of buckshot at close range will stop the intruder regardless of cycle rate, rounds fired, mud in the barrel, relative humidity. I don't do home defense with rifle or pistol because I care about my neighbors and family. The M4 will still stop the dude coming through with that auto AK before the rest of my family gets hurt. As far as dragging through the mud, the USMC has tested this for me and I learn from other's experiences, unlike some mental midgets. Yes, I luv beating dead horses into glue.
  5. At least it says free shipping:eek:
  6. Comparing an 870 to an M4 is a non sequitur. I own both, and of course, the 870 I've owned for 20 years, and even bought used . It works well, hasn't broken yet (knock on woody). BUT, I would not bet my life on it when I have an M4 available. A little less than 1000 rounds without a hickup and the M4 is my choice of self defense close quarters firearm. I've seen LEOs training with their 870's, but the M4 would just stomp if they had it. You try to come through my door with an 870, I'll bet I'll win. To paraphrase a favorite movie line "you'll look pretty stupid to the coroner with that (insert choice of weapon here) sticking out of your ass"
  7. Wow, it's a huge landside! so far. I bet they won't publish that result at all.
  8. Wow, it's a huge landside! I bet they won't publish that result at all.
  9. Does the bolt move far enough that it brings up the shell? Just doesn't fire? Since this is an inertia system, are you holding it tight? Tried other brands/loads? Specifically, try any heavy loads or did you do a heavy load break-in? Just trying to spout off a few obvious nuisance things that plague us from time to time. Hope it's just it needs a good break in with heavy stuff. Please let us know your progress.
  10. AFPJ

    M-4 & eotech

    http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13579&highlight=eotech The link above is just one of many threads on the M4 and Eotech, amongst other sights. Use the Search feature and you will see plenty of opinions, but some folks like the smaller Doctor Optic and others over the bigger Eotechs.
  11. My favorite quotes: I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop. When seconds count, cops are minutes away. Anyone know when the Supreme Court gonna rule on the DC gun ban?(yeah I know, another off topic post) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  12. Thanks Ding. I have a Gemtech for Colt M4 and very happy with it. Never seen a surefire so I didn't feel like plopping just under $1k for an unknown entity. Now if someone could devise one for the Benelli M4, I'd get it:D
  13. How much is Surefire asking for their suppressors? It doesn't say on the site.
  14. Some 2+ extensions like the surecycle have to be removed before you break down the gun. The collar won't let you slide off the barrel. However, I have one because it was less than $100 and I don't plan on breaking it down that often. I think the full length tube is definitely nicer but I didn't want to fiddle with heating the locktite etc etc. Someone posted about Dave Metal Work's full length tube, and it might be cheaper than SoCom guy's, but the latter is a proven entity.
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