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  1. Benelli customer support just informed that steel shot is fine in the cordoba using mod, imp cyl or cyl chokes. Now my blindmates will have to deal with the noise and bleeding eardrums.
  2. I have read that article. Owners manual does not address the matter. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Can steel shot be used in a Cordoba? I hear different opinions on putting steel through a ported barrel. Let us assume that the choke will not be tighter than modified, as supplied by benelli. If possible provide direct answers with supporting facts other than presonal opinion.
  4. I failed to add this to my reply: I use the patternmaster for turkey loads and w/ 6's for pheasants. The choke handles about anything, I put some T's through it without any problem.
  5. I have used a SBE with a patternmaster for 6 or 7 years and would recommend the setup for both ducks and geese. I use the choke in all shooting situations and occasionally adjust shot type when necessary. I find BB's are good for both ducks and geese. I never used a kicks so I can't compare. However a few of my hunting buddies say the patternmaster is the only way to go.
  6. why can't you use blackcloud with ported barrels and chokes?
  7. OK, I solved my problem. If the bolt on the m2 20 ga is not fully seated shells will jam while loading the magazine. I never had this problem with the SBE or Cordoba 12. I guess the 20 is a little sensitive.
  8. I have owned a SBE for 12 years and 12 ga cordoba for 6 mos. Just acquired a m2 in 20 gauge and have problems loading shells in the magazine tube. Its like the shells are too big and only go in 3/4 of the way. After puling shell out, I can cycle the bolt and insert any shell without problem. I'm using different shells in both standard and high brass form. Am I looking at probelms down the road. This is the first negative experience w/ a benelli i have encountered.. Anybody suffered the same problem?
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