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  1. Hey, does anybody know where to buy a comfortech stock & forearm for a new M2, 2007 model? I bought the wood stocked gun because that was all my local dealer had and I didn't want to wait for one to come in. I can surely change out the stocks right? I mean it would be complete except for the camo barrel. I looked on Benelli's site but all I can find is shirts and hats and stuff, any help would be great. Thanks
  2. You bet Hog I will check out all the info and of course I will always keep safety in mind when loosening the choke tube, and all else Thanks!! I have a pointer here for others, it has nothin to do with shotguns tho, it is about deer hunting. I saw Ted Nugent load a whole deer in the bed of his pickup by himself with a Glenn's deer handle. It looked easy so thought I'd try it last year and it is easy!! Also the handle sure helps draggin a deer out of the woods, big time. Anyhow here is the technique to use pulling the deer in your pickup: First attatch the handle around the deers horns,
  3. Thanks for all the great info Hog!! I am getting the choke tube and shells asap. Thanks for your great help too thegiantc, love gettin info from you guys cuz you probably shoot more shells in a month than I do in my whole life!! I will pass any info onto others whenever I have something to tell....
  4. Thanks for the info Hog. I will be using this gun mainly for hunting and maybe a little bit of trap shooting. I will shoot 3" mag shells thru her first then. Turkey season is right around the corner here anyhow. What in your opinion are the best 3" shells that I can buy? The shells that would put them as close to 3.5's as possible. I have the 28" model so that should help it reach out and wallup the almighty, majestic, elusive, respected and ever so intelligent gobbler (usually I see big gobblers feeding right by my truck and I have to get creative to even make it a challenge around here
  5. Hello, I am new to Benelli having just purchased a new M2, and am wondering if someone could give me some pointers on a few items: First question is about breaking it in, Would it be better for me to shoot 3" magnum shells through it right away or is it better to shoot 2 3/4 shells? How many shots does it generally take to break in the gun? I haven't had time to read the owners manual yet but I wanted some pointers from you guys anyhow. Should I take the gun all the way down and thoroughly clean it before shooting it? Also the bead looks a little small and I may want to change it out, is
  6. Gumby

    2008 Benelli's?

    Hey Andy, I jumped the gun a little early here. The new 2008 models are listed on the Benelli website, just click on the 2007 catalog and it brings up the 2008 catalog (go figure).... Doesn't look like a whole lot is new but there is a couple of changes.
  7. Gumby

    2008 Benelli's?

    Hey Andy, I gave up trying to figure what is new. Maybe after all of the hunting seasons are over they will show us. I might start looking at the Browning 3.5 models. Good Luck......
  8. I just went to the www.shotshow.com site and the daily shot news I was talking about is the Feb. 2 issue and the shotguns start on page 14, there is a picture on the right side of that page with some new Benelli info. That is all that I could find anywhere I've looked. I gotta think they will be posting there new stuff on their site any day now though now that the show is over:confused:
  9. I too have been wondering and searching for new models and changes. Everyone here has just given me guess's as to what they thought, nothing concrete. I found a couple of new models mentioned on www.shotshow.com and then click on the daily shot show newspapers on the home page. The very first issue of the daily paper has shotgun news starting on like page 20. I am chomping at the bit as well so let me know if you find anything more than that as well. Take er easy
  10. Gumby

    Benelli USA

    Thanks for the info Mudhen. I certainly am not advocating anything good about the Remington line of shotguns, I am just getting a little antsy to buy my new Benelli shotgun. It took me quite a while to save up for my new shotgun and am just having a little bit of a hard time figuring why they don't unveil the new models on Jan. 1st. Heck I find out the new Harley bikes the fall before the next year, it is just a little bit tuff to fork out my cash right now without waiting to see what may be new. Thanks for the info about the Shot Show next week, I'll just wait till then and see. Just th
  11. Gumby

    Benelli USA

    Hi, thought I'd try this again and see if anybody out there knows what new models or what new changes have been made to the Benelli line for 2008? I have saved the money to buy one but I am going to wait and see what is new. I don't understand why it is taking them so long to show what is new of '08, I mean Remington and the others have their new stuff on their sites. When will their new catalog come out? Thanks
  12. Thanks for all of the input. Our Turkey season here in Wyoming doesn't start until April so I have a little bit of time on my hands before I need the gun. I just can't buy last years model until I see what is new for '08. I know if I do then something will change and I will kick myself for not waiting. Thanks for all the input though
  13. Thanks for the info, I kinda snooped and found out that I have a gift certificate to our local sporting goods store that Santa has for me. Now I have enough money to buy a new Benelli shotgun that I have been saving for. They have a couple of models but I am not going to buy one until I see if they made major changes or have new models out, if they don't have any major changes then I will buy one of the old ones but not till I see what new changes there are. Thanks for your info.
  14. Does anyone know where I can get info on the 2008 models of Benelli semi-autos? What did they change and what new models are there etc.
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