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  1. I am looking for a M2 or SBEII. I have a Ruger Red Label 20ga that I will offer as trade. The gun is in perfect condition; I have not fired it and the previous owner said it was his grandfather's and, to his knowledge, was unfired. The gun was mfg in 1983 and has a 28" vent barrel choked mod/full. I will add $$ depending on the trade. Thanks-LP
  2. Steve, Absolutely beautiful pictures and the story behind each one is just as incredible. I can only hope to see that beautiful land one day.
  3. Nice hogs! Wish we had some here!
  4. Those are some bad setups you have there!
  5. Still waiting on a push from the north. Hopefully soon.
  6. I have an R1 in .30/06 comfortech, fired 8-10 times that I would trade for the .300wsm. PM SENT
  7. duxnbux

    Gun Dipping?

    Thanks for the info.
  8. duxnbux

    Gun Dipping?

    I have an SBEI that is showing rust on the barrel. The gun is black synthetic; I would like to get the barrel and receiver back to looking like original. The stock and forearm are fine. What aftermarket process is best? Thanks
  9. Daddyman, I was back up there today. They told me that they were shipping one out to Wash. today. My buddy ended up getting a .300 at that price. I looked Fri and couldn't find one; they found one in the back for him. They do have one 30/06 left, doubt it will be there long.
  10. Daddyman-I imagine that they will not be there long at that price. I missed out on a .300 that they had earlier at that price, but I did not mind settling for the 30/06.
  11. I have been shooting Fusion in my 7mm Rem Mag with good results. I just picked up an R-1 in 30/06 last night at Bass Pro for a steal($799). I plan to use Fusion ammo as well. Note: Bass Pro in Hanover, VA has 4 more R-1's (all 30/06) all for $799.27 ea. They told me it was the only caliber available at that price. All are comfortech-blk
  12. duxnbux

    Looking for R1

    Does anyone know of a dealer that may be willing to do this trade? Prefer the dealer to be in NC or VA. Thanks
  13. duxnbux

    Looking for R1

    I am looking to trade for a R1 in either .270 or .300. I have a Franchi Renaissance O/U Ducks Unlimited Edition. This gun is beautiful...approx. 100 rounds through it. It is not something that I would hunt with often, and I have always wanted an R1, so I am willing to trade. The R1 can be either wood or synthetic. Let me know what you have.. Thanks
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