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  1. Hey guy just helping out my buddy over at Luciano sport shop, Lodi Nj. he has one left. Benelli Ethos 28inch nickel. Gorgeous gun. $1750.00 good price, great gun. 973-470-0757
  2. Armslist is full of scams, especially with benelli for some reason. be careful
  3. scoops

    28 gauge ul

    Ok how about Legacy 28gauge??
  4. scoops

    28 gauge ul

    Has anyone purchased the new ultralight 28 gauge? Looking for some feed back. Ty.
  5. scoops

    WTB 28g, legacy

    Can anyone help me on here? I'm looking for a Benelli legacy 28 gauge. Any scoop on one for sale??
  6. scoops

    Legacy 28gauge

    Has any one on this forum purchased a legacy 28gauge??? Looking for some feed back, good bad or indifferent!!
  7. scoops

    Benelli alert

    Ok so although the gun Dicks is selling is nice and is a Benelli, this model is made just for Dicks. If you look at the stock it does not have the comfort stock that is on the regular Benelli. Hence the cheaper price.
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