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  1. Just got a JH for mine today bought used will be trying it out later this week.
  2. I recently traded for a legacy and was wondering how to remove the action recoil spring for cleaning. It doesn't have the 17 mm nut my m 1 has to remove.
  3. I am in need of a shim kit or at least A through C have the D. I'm also looking for a used 24/26 in 12ga barrel prefer 24.
  4. It's the shells mine super 90 does that with the cheap federal and estate hulls.If you will look at the end of the brass where it's crimped it is not flush and catching in the chamber.
  5. my syn. stock is to long for me will the m2 fit the m1 or any body have wood they may sell so i can cut it my self
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