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  1. I never feel any recoil in the field, I use a SBEI. The muzzle jump may be more than the II, but i dont recall shooting AT to many geese last season, haha. The one i did get though has a 69.5" wingspan, and i hit it with a 3" 2shot, it was a loner that came in outta nowhere and i didnt even bother reaching for my call.
  2. Personally I'd go with a SBEII. I waterfowl hunt and shoot clays, I've never had any problems. It just takes a little bit to get it broken in to be able to shoot light loads, and a little lubricant in the chamber. It may be the way people take care of their guns but I work at a local gun club, and pretty much every gun that is camo that i've seen has wear on the barrel where it is just the khaki color. I guess it all comes down to preference, if you'd want to shoot 3 1/2's for geese i'd say SBEII, which is a reason why i chose it.
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