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  1. Anyone have access to a parts list for the hand grip on an m4? I’ve got a grip part number 70082, but it is only the grip. It is missing the soft rubber "grip" portion, and the metal insert that has the threaded portion that allows the recoil rod to be screwed on. I think there is also a roll pin that keeps the metal part secure in the handle. Any part numbers of the missing items or an exploded view of the hand grip parts would be appreciated. I’ve got the complete stock kit, and some recoil rods, but would like to have the complete spare pistol grip.
  2. I have a spare M4 collapsible stock, new in original box never mounted if anyone wants it PM me. And no, it's not $1000!
  3. Did a search ( should have first), and found some info on the topic. Seesm the gun is a first rate blast master just as I feared... now I guess I'll need to plunk down the cash!!
  4. I'm curious. I love the design and looks of the M4. But for a tactical shotgun I have always leaned to a pump gun. ( I have a 870 police mag). So, I suppose what I am asking is this. Has any owner of an M4 noticed that it will not shoot certain loads? Special rounds, etc? Curious before I plunk down more than I paid for my car in high school years back....
  5. I’ve been contemplating something… I like the M4, I like the collapsible stock idea, and the fact that it was selected by the Marines. But, I am wondering if the Supernova can take the correct recoil slide ( from an M4 11707) and if so would the collapsible stock would fit? I tend to like the pump action for tactical shotguns. Not prone to jamming and I like the feature of pushing the button on the lower fore stock that allows for the slide to jack back and combat load another round without using the magazine. Very versatile and a great idea. Suppose you had a need to bang out a slug at a b
  6. Thanks Adam, So, it seems then I don't need to spend another $200 for a recoil slide on the web. I don't have the gun yet, as it's on order. So from what I understand mine being new will come with the right recoil slide.. then...
  7. I read that there is a gun smith in Fla that can mill the recoil slide on a M1014 for a collapsible stock.. does anyone have a website, phone number, name, or phone number of the man?
  8. I recently shot an M4, and now want one. I am looking at a m11707, or a M 11717 ( camo). Qestion: Do these guns come with the recoil slide milled to take the 2 postion collasible stock? I'm told the part number of the correct slide rod is 116J, I am also told that the new/present configuations of the gun come with the correct recoil slide in place, simply covered by a commercial standard stock... Anyone know the truth or way or another of the rumor? Thanks... great forum !
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