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  1. i have had the chance to shoot an older montefeltro 20 gauge but it still had an aluminum reciver and it didnt "kick" very hard at all. i have not had a chance to shoot an M2 of any guage. i would like to know if anybody has shot them side by side and if there is any noticible difference in the "kick" between the two. what would be the advantage of the M2 over the montefeltro?
  2. really how old is yours? i just bought mine and the pistion is reversable just like on the franchi 720 and if i flip it over with just standard field loads it wont eject them which i use for trap shooting so the shells dont go every where. but right there on the pistion it says heavy/mag and std(which i would believe means standard)/ light and then on the peice the reversable pistion pairs up to it says loads and it is totaly reversable so i will post the question on the charles daly fourms and see what is going on there i will get back to u as to what people say.
  3. i would be willing to bet that if u switched the pistion around it wouldnt kick as hard with thoes 3 inch loads
  4. really even if u swap the pistion over it will kick hard and do u know if it will damage the gun if u dont swap it over when u shoot even 2 3/4 mag loads or do u just have to swap it over for 3 inch loads
  5. i like how it shoots i shot a 25 at trap strait out of the box my first time ever shooting a 25 at trap i was so happy but i went home after that bruised and battered but then i got the limb saver
  6. thank you both very much i just traded my 1400 for a 12 gauge daly and at first it kicked alot it bruised my shoulder but i put a limb saver on it and that did away with alot of the "kick" now it doesent hurt so i think i will go with a youth 20 gauge daly. but u know if stoeger made a 20 gauge youth i would buy that in a heart beat but oh well
  7. ok nova king i have one more question before i buy her a shotgun because we were at my local gun shop and he had a cynergy micro 20 gauge that weighed very little and fit her great but i dont know about how it would kick because there is no release of the gas but every over under i have shot doesent seem to (kick) even the lighter ones (which were still about 7lbs vs this 6lb cynergy) so why is it that they dont kick much and is it a good idea to get her an over under and what is a decent over under for preferabley no more then 1100$ i would like one of the stoeger condors but havent heard much about them are they anygood or do u get what u pay for?
  8. mossberg semi autos are the bottom of the barrel. i have talked to many stores including cabelas and bass pro and they all say the same. the mossberg 500s are a decent pump but my self and others that i shoot with would chose an 870, nova, or a stoeger pump gun if we had to chose but the 500s would not be my first choice
  9. that is a good one i will have to see about that splash it would be pretty funny wouldnt it. and thank u for telling me that novaking and she wont be putting more then about 1000 rounds through it a year heck i would make a bet that about 300 a year tops for her anyway but i wouldnt mind going and breaking a few clays but yea no more then 1000 rounds and i will go to a dealer which carries both and we will see which one fits her the best
  10. thanks dover i have taken something that u said and added it in with the escorts, dalys, and the montefeltros, the porting, if i got that montefeltro or the m2 and had it ported i would save about 500 dollars and still have a very good gun. nova king i would very much like to hear your oppinion on this idea if it is good or not. i found a dealer near me that carries all the guns that i am interested in and he said that he would be more then happy to tear them apart with me and show me the differences between the similar ones like the beretta and the dalys and the escorts. so i will let u all know what i find out when i go there this weekend.
  11. what is a kick eez trap dude?
  12. yes novaking i have looked at the escorts i really like them in that they are cheap and seem to be a good gun if anybody knows more about them i would love to hear about them i want to tear one apart side by side with a beretta and a charles daly and see how similar they are. and does anybody know about any shows or demo events that benelli or anyother gun manufactuer has where you can shoot the guns before you buy
  13. do thoes charles dalys have magazine cutoffs and does anybody know anything about escort shotguns my local dealer carries them but he hasent heard anything about them
  14. well splash she has shot a 391 urika 12 gauge and a 390 but the owner of the gun had them weighted down very hevily as they were trap guns and he was an older gentalman and didnt like release triggers. she liked them because they had no kick but were heavy and what does your friends wifes charles daly weigh? but on another note what kind of opperation is a charles daly gas, inertia, or recoil. will that c/d take 3 inch 20 gauge loads
  15. novaking why would u say the M2 if hunting was the first prioirty? and what do u have to say about the charles daly shotguns. and what about the franchi 720 isent that gas operated as well as the 391 so wouldnt it have about the same kick or would it have more just because of weight
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