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  1. I think, I will now store it a sealed box with o2 absorber's in it. I will use Remlube (with Teflon)on the outside of the barrel after cleaning the gun, instead of a CLP.
  2. I just got my barrel back from them, they blasted and re-blued it on their dime. When I called, they said that their gunsmith would determine if it would fall under warranty or not because they do not cover rust on the gun, even though the gun was only a baby (1 year old). Technically, they did not have to cover the cost of the fix but they did. I find it my responsibility to tell others about my experience with them to help separate companies which stand behind their product and the ones that don't. Satisfied Customer, Sam Sevier You, or anyone, is welcome to pm me for further information.
  3. I got my barrel back from Benelli and they did me right! They blasted and reblued the barrel, that's a company that stands behind their product. Not many companies like that anymore. Happy Customer, Sam S
  4. Well, I for one, don't use CLP for all three, just as a lubricant/protectant. I believe all protectants these days are lubricants as well. I tend to shy away from grease on any outward exposed surfaces due to contaminating it with foreign object debris
  5. It was cleaned and well coated with CLP before Alaska and as soon as I got back 10 days in the bush. My other guns were stored along side this one but they were not in a plastic case, and they didn't experience any rust spotting
  6. Yea, that was the only gun that had a plastic coffin, I should have known better. I did insure thermal uniformity before putting the gun into the case to avoid condensation but there must have been moisture hiding somewhere. I would expect possible rust on cheaper firearms but not on a $1500.00 Benelli that is built for "less than ideal" conditions.
  7. I pulled SBE II out of the case last night to give it a once over with some CLP, only to see spots of rust along the vent rib and spots along the top of the rib. I took it to Alaska and the firearm was exposed to moisture there for about a week. As soon as I got back, I cleaned it thoroughly, then applied breakfree CLP wiping off any fingerprints as I placed it into the case it came with. I called Benelli today, they said they don't cover rust but I could send it in anyway and see what the gunsmith has to say. He might find error's that allowed the barrel to rust. I mailed it 2 hours ago..I sure hope they help me out! I've restored an Ithica M37 and maintained a 1100 and never seen rusting issues like this. Any idea's how I can keep this from happening?
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