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  1. I used a normal propane torch, the same kind that you find at a home depot. Out of paranoia, I disassembled the barrel and removed the bolt. I focused the torch tip on the large hex nut at the base of the factory tube, from the top. Ventilation would have been a good idea, the green loctite type gas that was produced seemed toxic. A strap wrench was unnecessary, working leather glove did the trick, and I'm sure that a cooking mitt would have sufficed. Watch out for the spring and cap, they will shoot out and if you're a fool like me you'll grab them with your bare hands, at roughly 200 degrees.
  2. I didn't have a need for a heat gun so I just used a propane torch, that I felt I can use again in the future (at least the propane tube itself matches my baby q). I was paranoid so I stripped out everything, barrel, bolt, stock, etc. This was unnecessary, but at least let me see what was going on. + 1 on aiming at that hex bolt right where the screw threads go in. Ventilation is good for the burning loctite. Working gloves or mitts were enough. A lot of forums say a strap wrench, but they can leave residue given the heat. It's more important to burn the loctite off, rather than just heat up the loctite till it's loose enough to try twisting the barrel. The Socomguy's tube has a knob on one end, that's the end that you screw into the receiver. If you reverse it by accident, it will screw in, but you won't be able to push the barrel fully into the receiver.
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